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After three years, Saba returns to Oakhurst as Paolino

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After three years, Saba returns to Oakhurst as Paolino

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Shane Mixon, right, with business partner Paul Newman, left. Photo by Toby Rhinehart, provided to Decaturish.


Decatur, GA – Three years ago, a local pasta shop – Saba – departed from its spot on Mead Road in Decatur’s Oakhurst neighborhood.

Saba had been in Oakhurst for eight years, but owner Shane Mixon decided to focus on Emory Village instead.

“I needed to only have one location to manage as my catering grew,” Mixon said. “Our Emory location was the original and we closed it after 14 years. Most of my catering is in the Emory area and lunches were very solid in those areas so it made more sense at the time.”

But now Mixon will be bringing the restaurant back to Oakhurst and renaming it Paolino. He said it will be the “same menu but more focused on the Italian side and we will have a gelato and dessert shop as part of the restaurant.”

The menu will be “very similar” to Saba but will exclude some fusion items and there will be more focus on specials. There will be additional appetizers like calamari, fried cheese and charcuterie.

While Saba was gone, other restaurants opened and closed in that space. Chinese restaurant Double Dragon opened there, followed by Son of a Bear, a different concept with the same owner, Korean Wives Hospitality Group. That restaurant closed back in September.

Mixon, meanwhile, was experiencing problems at Emory Village.

“I am leaving Emory Village because the building our restaurant was part of is old and not maintained,” Mixon said. “It created many problems that made it impossible to remain.”

Mixon said there will be a soft opening as early as this weekend. The beer and wine license is pending.

“We should have espresso and Cappucino by next week,” he said.

Paolino is located at 350 Mead Rd in Decatur, Ga.

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