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Traffic signal at Talley Street will be fully operational, Westchester Elementary beacon to ‘go live’ soon

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Traffic signal at Talley Street will be fully operational, Westchester Elementary beacon to ‘go live’ soon

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Decatur's newest school, Talley Street Upper Elementary, opened its doors on Aug. 1. File photo by Christopher Rosselot.


This story has been updated. 

Streets near two Decatur schools will see important safety upgrades come online this month.

A new traffic signal at Talley Street will be fully operational as of Monday, Feb. 10. South Columbia Drive, Shadowmoor Drive, and Talley Street near the new Talley Street Upper Elementary School now have a traffic signal. The all-way stop signs at that location will be removed, according to City Schools of Decatur.

A pedestrian beacon on Scott Boulevard at Westchester Elementary School will go live on Feb. 18, according to city officials and Commissioner Kelly Walsh.

“Variable message sign (VMS) boards are up and will remain until the 18th informing drivers of the new signal,” Walsh said in a Facebook post.

Parents at Westchester Elementary have been lobbying for safety improvements near the school for years.

Traffic along Scott Boulevard has been a running concern for Westchester Elementary parents almost from the time the school reopened in 2014.

The hybrid beacon will make it safer for students and parents to cross the street.

“Requiring vehicles to stop in both directions, a [pedestrian hybrid beacon] is a pedestrian-activated traffic signal for those crossing the street at a midblock location rather than at an intersection,” the city’s Decatur Makeover website says. “Once installed, it will contribute to the long-pursued goal of an improved safe route for students and others in proximity to the school.”

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