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Westchester Elementary Principal Rochelle Lofstrand named Decatur High principal


Westchester Elementary Principal Rochelle Lofstrand named Decatur High principal

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Rochelle Lofstrand


Westchester Elementary Principal Rochelle Lofstrand will be the next principal of Decatur High School.

She will succeed Wes Hatfield, an assistant principal who was appointed interim principal of the High School in June.

A school district spokesperson said Hatfield won’t be leaving the district and will resume his role as assistant principal.

Lofstrand sent an email to parents on Feb. 3 announcing the move. She was named Westchester’s principal in 2014 and previously served as the high school’s assistant principal.

“Six years ago, I was named the principal to reopen Westchester Elementary,” she said. “It was a leap of faith to transition from a career as a high school teacher and administrator to being the principal of an elementary school. I have grown as an administrator, as a teacher, and as a leader during my time as a Westchester Wolf.

“When I considered this new adventure, I kept thinking about the wonderful community we have created on Scott Boulevard. As the high school principal, I will have the honor of continuing to work with all the Westchester Wolves again! In fact, our first group of 3rd graders from 2014-2015, the group of student leaders who chose our mascot and forged the way for future Wolves, will join me next year as freshmen at DHS. It will be an honor for me to welcome these students on their own new journey at the high school.”

In a separate email to parents, Hatfield said, “We’re excited to welcome Ms. Lofstrand back to Decatur High School. She is a tremendous educator and instructional leader, and I look forward to working with her!”

Superintendent David Dude selected Lofstrand “after a thorough interview process” that included input from student, staff and parents.

Information about who will replace Lofstrand and when she will move over to the high school wasn’t immediately available.

“We are still developing a leadership transition plan, and we will continue to communicate with the DHS and Westchester communities as that plan takes shape,” Dude said.

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