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Noel Maloof leaving City Schools of Decatur, creating another central office vacancy

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Noel Maloof leaving City Schools of Decatur, creating another central office vacancy

Noel Maloof. Photo from Dunwoody High website

This story has been updated. 

Decatur, GA – There’s a new central office job to fill at City Schools of Decatur.

Noel Maloof, the district’s Chief Operating Officer since 2015, will be leaving in a few weeks to take over as Deputy Chief Operations Officer for the DeKalb County School System. During his time as COO of the Decatur school district, his position was renamed “Executive Director of Operations.”

“I will miss the folks in Decatur and am incredibly appreciative of the support [Superintendent David] Dude and the system has given me,” Maloof said. “My five-plus years here have been filled with accomplishments, friendships, and opportunities. It is truly become my home away from home.”

Maloof joined CSD in 2014, becoming principal of Decatur High School. Prior to that, he worked in DeKalb County Schools as the Dunwoody High School Principal. A year after he arrived, he was promoted to CSD’s chief operating officer. The promotion followed a year of clashes with Decatur High teachers over leadership of the school.

Educate Dunwoody, a local advocacy group, said in a Facebook post that Maloof will be replacing the DeKalb school district’s interim COO Dan Drake.

DeKalb County Schools on March 10 confirmed Maloof’s hiring.

“In a unanimous 6-0 vote by DCSD’s Board of Education, Noel Maloof was appointed as deputy chief operations officer, a new position in the district,” a spokesperson for the district said. “Dan Drake is being reassigned to work in information technology. Mr. Drake’s current contract runs through June 30. The chief operations officer position is now vacant.”

Maloof is the latest central office departure from CSD, though it doesn’t feel as abrupt as the December resignations of Director of Finance Susan Hurst and Executive Director of Staff Support David Adams. CSD brought in a private company to handle their jobs while Superintendent Dude searches for their full-time replacements. It appears that the timing of Hurst’s and Adams’ departures was coincidental, based on interviews and reviews of public records. For more information about those resignations, click here.

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