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‘Some prize that will be’ – The COVID-19 pandemic, told through haiku

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‘Some prize that will be’ – The COVID-19 pandemic, told through haiku

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The MARTA Plaza in downtown Decatur. Photo by Dean Hesse


Decaturish asked the HaikuMom group to share their haikus inspired by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Here’s what they had to say:

Parents work from home
Kids watch frozen two all day
Into the unknown

It is so quiet
Oakhurst Elementary
Playground is empty

Social distancing
Neighbors drink outside
I’m six feet away

– Amanda Styles

I miss my mailman
I wave to him from the door
But it’s not the same

At this time last week
I cursed daylight savings time
Oh, young grasshopper

– Meagan Mehlhop Berardi

What’ll we do today?
Same thing we did yesterday.
Yes, homeschool is on.

– Kelly Cooke Brock

A haiku a day
Will keep the doctor away
And washing your hands!

– Kelly Walsh

Sure, conference calls. Work.
But baking, board games, horseplay!
Dog happy. Us too.

– Tanya Comer Frazee

It is so true that,
Introverts shall inherit
The earth that is left

After extroverts
Destroy it completely
Some prize that will be

My pantry runneth,
Over into the kitchen,
Who will cook all this.

– Zoë Gangemi Barracano

Seen in a movie,
crowds of people seem strange now.
It’s the new normal.

Courtesies in store:
I’ll wait by the condiments.
Thanks for berth to pass.

– Sharon Butler Kaivani

Today, we must learn.
At home wIth our family.
We will get through this.

– Molly Weaver Patterson

Strutting in Publix
N-95 strapped tight. Stay-
ing Alive” on Muzak.

People coughing like …
Allergies! Not ‘rona!
Like they took the swab.

Stockpiling fail.
Seventeen cans of baked beans
One roll of tp.

– Susan Carroll

Go forth, Decatur
Parking spaces finally
And yet, stay in car

– Jill Lenz

Afternoon recess
Mandatory for us all
Just don’t cough or sneeze

Last run to the store
I’ve said at least four times
Still need Oreos

– Sue Joyce

Situation is Fluid
Flatten the curve, y’all

– Stacie Spychalski Buckley

Anyone need food
I purchased entire Kroger
Baking aisle in Hall

The Covid Virus
Be certain to stay away
From people you like

Rationing eggs here
This is no time for muscle
We need to bake guys

Incessant group calls
Kids friends think I am him
Ring, ring, ring, ring, ring

Fragrant and singing
Spring tempts me with her bounty
Ripe with her poison

Feeling Lil Jealous
Of people with OCD
This is your world now

– Jami Sue Becker

Social distancing
Means lots of togetherness
For an introvert.

Bracing for the worst.
So sad for those who will lose
Jobs, businesses, lives.

– Beth Kelhoffer

Scary pandemic
Paid leave, books, family time
Introvert heaven

“Stole” TP from work
Twelve sold out stores in three days
Thank God I have boys

– Sara Van Deventer Williams

So appreciate
The grocery workers now
Front lines, no glory.

– Katie Burkholder Brady

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