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DeKalb County says raccoon tests positive for rabies

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DeKalb County says raccoon tests positive for rabies

A raccoon. Photo obtained via Wikimedia Commons


DeKalb County, GA – A raccoon found in the 1800 block of Gainsborough Court has tested positive for rabies, the county announced.

 “Georgia is a rabies endemic state and the virus is present all year long,” the county said. “It is not unusual for the county to report several rabies cases each year. Residents should make sure pets are up to date for preventative vaccination and should eliminate outdoor feeding stations and access to garbage cans. Anyone who has been bitten or scratched by an animal should seek medical attention immediately.”

If residents notice unusual behavior in their pets, they are advised to contact DeKalb County Animal Control at 404-294-2996.

“Wild animal trapping will only occur if a domestic pet or person has been bitten or scratched,” the county says.

The county says residents are responsible for vaccinating pets every year and registering them with DeKalb County Animal Control.

“Rabies is a disease that affects the brain,” the county says. “It’s usually passed from animal to animal, but can be passed from animals to people. The virus is spread through saliva, usually from a bite of an animal that has the disease. Vaccinations are effective in protecting humans and pets from the virus.”

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