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TransParent chapter opening in Atlanta

COVID-19 Metro ATL

TransParent chapter opening in Atlanta

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Metro Atlanta Chapter Leader Peter Isbister. Image provided to Decaturish

Atlanta, GA – In response to a growing need for local support for parents raising a transgender or gender independent child, TransParent is opening a new chapter in Atlanta, a press release says.

Meetings will be held on the second Thursday of each month from 7 to 9 p.m. Normally they will be at St. John’s Lutheran Church, 1410 Ponce de Leon Ave. However, due to COVID-19, meetings are currently being held via Zoom until at least October. For a link to the Zoom meeting, email Metro Atlanta Chapter Leader Peter Isbister at atlanta.ga@transparentusa.org or you can message him directly through their Facebook page at facebook.com/TransParentMetroAtlanta

“This experience can be incredibly isolating for parents in communities without a group like TransParent to provide connection, support and resources,” TransParent Board President Kim Hutton said in the press release. “Our chapter leaders help parents process a myriad of complex emotions including fear, sadness, guilt, grief and anger so that they are able to better respond to their child’s needs.”

TransParent is based in St. Louis, Mo. and provides resources to parents raising a transgender or non-binary child of any age. They have eighteen chapters across the country and parents can apply online to start up their own local support community.

For more information visit www.transparentusa.org.

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