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Georgia Power shares water safety tips for Memorial Day weekend

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Georgia Power shares water safety tips for Memorial Day weekend

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Photo provided by Georgia Power


Atlanta, GA – As the largest non-governmental provider of recreation facilities in the state, Georgia Power is reminding customers and lake visitors if they are planning to head out to the lake this weekend.

The company encourages customers and lake visitors to remember water and boating safety tips with the start of the Memorial Day weekend, a press release said. The power company also wants people to remember social distancing and group size guidelines as advised by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Drowning is the second leading cause of accidental death for children 1 to 4 years of age, according to the Georgia Department of Public Health and SPLASH, a Georgia Department of Natural Resources initiative supported by Georgia Power. Through public outreach, the organizations aim to reduce the number of these deaths.

SPLASH encourages citizens to follow these tips when enjoying beaches, pools, lakes, rivers and other bodies of water:

– Supervision – Designate an adult to watch children at all times. Do not assume someone else is watching.

– Prevention – Wear personal flotation devices (PFD or life jacket), install fencing around pools, and use drain covers in pools.

– Look before you leap – Never jump into water without knowing how deep it is and what is below the surface.

– Arm’s Length – Adults should be arm’s length to children in water, and safety tools such as hooks should be nearby at all times.

– Swim Lessons – Knowing how to swim greatly reduces the chance of drowning. Classes are often available through the Red Cross or YMCA.

– Have a Water Safety Plan – Know what to do during an emergency.

Georgia Power is also joining with other organizations across the country to recognize this week as National Safe Boating Week – a time to highlight and reinforce the importance of safety on the country’s lakes, rivers and oceans. Boaters visiting any of Georgia Power’s lakes can ensure a safe and enjoyable experience by remembering simple safety tips such as:

– Wear a Life Jacket – Young or old, and no matter how well you can swim, always wear a life jacket (or a personal flotation device) while on the water.

– Pools vs. Lakes – Make sure children know the difference between pools and lakes – lakes can produce currents, uncertainty on water depth and hidden natural features under the water.

– CPR Basics – Spend a few minutes learning CPR basics. Knowing the proper way to perform CPR can save a life on the lake, or every day. Classes and basic information is available from the American Red Cross and the American Heart Association.

– Watch your Speed – Lakes have speed limits just like roads. Watch for signage and follow the posted instructions.

– Light at Night – Make sure your boat is equipped with proper lighting if you are going to be on the water at night.

Find out more by visiting Georgia Power’s Lakes & Recreation site for detailed information about all of the Georgia Power properties, including facilities and amenities, local attractions and water safety information, the press release said.

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