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Kirkwood Neighbors’ Organization focuses on charitable projects during pandemic

COVID-19 Kirkwood and East Lake

Kirkwood Neighbors’ Organization focuses on charitable projects during pandemic

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A hand made sign in Kirkwood. April 20, 2020. Photo by Dean Hesse.


By Sara Amis, contributor 

Atlanta, GA – KNO held its second virtual meeting on May 10 via Zoom.

At the April meeting, it was announced that Kirkwood Spring Fling, which normally dominates the organization’s activities at this time of year, had been canceled. Additionally, the previous brisk pace of permit applications for commercial and residential building projects in the area, all of which require KNO approval, appears to have slowed considerably.

However, KNO’s charitable activities are expanding.

At the April meeting, a new committee was announced called Kirkwood Adopt a Senior Program, for the purpose of helping elderly residents during the pandemic. The program has so far matched 24 senior residents of Kirkwood to volunteers willing to help them with groceries and other needs.

Committee member Rajesh Kurup reported that KASP has raised about $2,000 through Georgia Gives.

He added,  “We’ve had about seventy [grocery] deliveries to seniors. We’ve gotten set up with an Instagram page, and a voice mail for seniors to call in so that if they’re having challenges and can’t get hold of their volunteers, they can get in touch with us directly. Hopefully, we can keep that momentum going, we’re really proud of what we’ve gotten done.”

Kirkwood Cares, an established committee that provides repairs to the homes of low-income residents of the neighborhood, is hoping to expand as well.

Committee chair Justin Schaeffer said that in addition to fixing a water heater and doing some electrical and plumbing work, they had just completed a bathroom renovation for a house on Murray Hill Avenue and were considering a new roof for a house on Howard Avenue, and repair of another house that had a tree fall on it.

To fund those relatively large projects, Schaeffer said, “We’re hoping to convert all one thousand and forty-one likes on our Facebook page to ten or twenty dollar monthly donors. If you can afford ten dollars a month to help out your Kirkwood Cares committee, we would love it. Tell your friends.”

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