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Tucker mayor issues executive order to allow restaurants to expand outdoor seating

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Tucker mayor issues executive order to allow restaurants to expand outdoor seating

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Mayor Frank Auman gives the 2018 State of the City Speech. Photo obtained via https://www.tuckerga.gov/


Tucker, GA — Tucker Mayor Frank Auman has issued an executive order allowing restaurants to expand outdoor dining.

Many restaurants have struggled during the COVID-19 pandemic, which shuttered dining rooms. Gov. Brian Kemp allowed restaurants to reopen dining rooms on April 27.

“The [mayor’s] order, which is in effect until the Georgia state of emergency declaration expires on June 12, will enable restaurateurs to apply for a Temporary Outdoor Dining Permit from the City’s Planning and Zoning Department,” the city of Tucker said in a press release.

The mayor’s order says, “there exist emergency circumstances located in the City requiring extraordinary and immediate corrective actions for the protection of the health, safety and welfare of the citizens and businesses of the City of Tucker…the Mayor of the City of Tucker desires to provide immediate economic relief to local businesses, including restaurants, food producers, and mobile food vendors.”

Auman said he did it because Tucker is known as a “dining destination.”

“We want to do everything we safely can to encourage employment and economic activity in Tucker, and to help these great restaurants to thrive during these tough times,” he said in the press release.

In addition to allowing restaurants to expand their outdoor seating, “the order also gives mobile food vendors, like food trucks, the ability to apply for a Mobile Food Vendor Permit. Any City Codes that contradict the Mayor’s order are suspended for the duration of the order,” the press release says.

The Tucker area – specifically the 30084 zip code – has the largest number of COVID-19 cases reported in DeKalb County, with 279 cases reported as of May 20, though that figure is largely due to the number of long-term care facilities in the city.

The city also recently announced plans to open the city’s pools on Memorial Day weekend and plans for summer programming for families.

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