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DeKalb County Magistrate Court Criminal Division goes 100% virtual following positive COVID tests

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DeKalb County Magistrate Court Criminal Division goes 100% virtual following positive COVID tests

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Judge Berryl A. Anderson


Decatur, GA — The DeKalb County Magistrate Court Criminal Division is going 100 percent virtual after two people tested positive for COVID-19.

A spokesperson for the court declined to say whether the two people who tested positive were employees of the court.

“After two people who were asymptomatic tested positive for COVID-19, in addition to following the CDC guidelines for what to do with your workspace, I, out of an abundance of caution, decided to operate the court 100% remotely for the next 14 days, since we were already operating remotely at 90% of our continued operations,” Chief Judge Berryl Anderson said.

The 14-day period started on June 5.

Here is the full announcement from the county about the court’s decision to go entirely virtual for the next 14 days:

DeKalb County Magistrate Court Criminal Division Goes 100 Percent Virtual

DECATUR, GA— DeKalb Chief Magistrate Berryl A. Anderson announced today that in light of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, she has taken additional steps toward protecting the health and safety of employees and law enforcement who work with the court’s criminal division.

Since the chief justice of the Supreme Court and the chief judge of DeKalb Superior Court declared the judicial emergency on March 14, 2020, Judge Anderson has worked toward making sure the Magistrate Court operates both safely and efficiently.

“Our Criminal Division was already operating at the level of 90 percent virtual, but now we have become 100 percent virtual,” Judge Anderson said. “The operations of the Criminal Division will remain unchanged, except that all proceedings will be virtual.

“The issuance of arrest and search warrants will continue as normal,” Judge Anderson said. “First appearance hearings will go on as scheduled, and to ensure continued public access to the court, these hearings will be broadcast live on the Magistrate Court’s YouTube channel. I really believe this protects everyone who comes into contact with the Criminal Division.”

This change will be in effect for at least the next 14 days, through June 19, 2020.

For more information, visit www.dekalbcountymagistratecourt.com or call 404-294-2150.

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