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Racist threat rattles Drew Charter School community

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Racist threat rattles Drew Charter School community

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Drew Charter School. Photo provided to Decaturish.


Atlanta, GA — Drew Charter School has been in an uproar this month after a series of incidents at the school.

Head of School Peter McKnight said that earlier this month a student made a social media post that was “clearly racist and discriminatory.”

“While the student did not use a racial slur, the content of the post was based in race and was extremely inappropriate,” he said in an email to parents. “The family of the student reported the post to us, but we have also been contacted by other concerned families who are also aware of it.”

Following that incident, an unknown person hijacked a Zoom meeting for parents of rising ninth-graders.

“Unfortunately, during this meeting there were several racial outbursts, including use of the ‘N’ word, from unidentified participants, which disrupted the meeting and required us to abruptly end it,” McKnight said. “Drew is working with our technology team to determine the identities of the perpetrators in the meeting.”

McKnight also shared an email from parents concerned about the incident. They said that the person who hijacked the Zoom meeting made a racist threat against Black students, saying they would “chop them up and serve n***** salad” and posted pictures of teachers and administrators while cursing at them.

The parents said, “Drew Charter has not taken race issues seriously in the past and are dragging their feet here as well. The Black children in the school are in danger and for their safety should be removed immediately!”

McKnight’s emails reiterated the school’s commitment to diversity.

“As I have said before, Drew Charter School will not tolerate racism of any kind, and we will continue to weed it out as it presents itself,” he wrote to parents. “As infuriating and disheartening as this is, nothing will shake our unwavering commitment to and affirmation of Drew’s black students, staff, and families.”

Drew isn’t the only school dealing with racist incidents.

Black students at Decatur High have also been harmed by racist videos made by white students, including a video of a racist threat made by the son of a school administrator.

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