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Warrants issued after man points gun at a robbery suspect near Lenox Place neighborhood

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Warrants issued after man points gun at a robbery suspect near Lenox Place neighborhood

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Photo provided by the Decatur Police Department


This story has been updated. 

Decatur, GA — Two arrest warrants have been issued in connection with a June 23 incident near Decatur’s Lenox Place neighborhood.

The incident on Greenwood Circle, a quiet residential street, happened around 6:20 p.m. According to witnesses, children were out playing and someone was walking on the street when a blue BMW came flying by before stopping in front of a teenage pedestrian. The man driving the BMW got out of the car and pointed a gun at the teenager. The police report does not say whether the 15-year-old juvenile is male or female, but witnesses identified the suspect as a male.

Police would later learn that the teenager had allegedly stolen a purse/backpack from a friend of the man who was driving the BMW.

The man driving the BMW was wearing a bulletproof vest when police stopped him. The responding officer pulled a gun on him, but the report says he complied with the officer’s orders and was detained without incident. He was not immediately arrested and police investigated it as a citizen’s arrest, records show.

A man who lives nearby described a chaotic scene. His daughter was on the sidewalk when she saw the BMW driving down her street.

“It caught her eye and she looked three houses down and saw this guy jump out of a car with a gun,” he said. “He jumped out so fast the car continued to roll down the hill a little bit. He points it at this young man with a backpack, and starts yelling at him and cursing at him to get down.”

His daughter ran inside asking her father to call 911. Another mom who lives in the neighborhood said she was eating dinner when she saw the BMW. She said the driver of the BMW nearly ran over a neighbor carrying a child.

“Our kids were in the front yard of a neighbor’s house,” the mom said. “We’re trying to get the kids inside. We didn’t know if there was going to be a shootout or what.”

She said the confrontation ended with the teenage suspect turning over the backpack and the driver and the teenager hugging before parting ways. But because the driver of the BMW had been yelling that people should call 911, several people did and police arrived soon after.

According to the Police Report, when the officer stopped the BMW in the 200 block of Ridley Lane, the driver’s side door immediately opened.

“Due to the driver’s mannerisms and the suspect possibly being armed with a firearm, I drew my department-issued firearm and pointed it at the driver only,” the officer wrote. “I ordered [the driver] to stay in the vehicle and expose his hands through his windows, which he complied.”

He also ordered a female passenger to stick her hands through the window, which she also did. The driver was detained and handcuffed and officers learned he was wearing a bulletproof vest. The driver and his passenger explained that he was reclaiming a purse stolen in an earlier robbery at the nearby Valero gas station. The robbery victim also arrived on the scene and confirmed driver and female passenger’s account. The robbery victim said she had called her friend — the man who was driving the BMW — to help her confront the teenage robbery suspect. The driver was taken to the police department for questioning but was ultimately released.

On June 25, DeKalb County Juvenile Court issued a warrant for the arrest of a juvenile robbery suspect. The next day, DeKalb County Magistrate Court issued a warrant for the driver of the vehicle on a charge of “pointing a pistol at another,” which is a misdemeanor.

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