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(SPONSORED) How parents are using drones to unlock skills for the future

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(SPONSORED) How parents are using drones to unlock skills for the future


When schools & camps are virtual, kids are still hungry for real-world experiences that keep them engaged. Parents in Decatur turned to a local startup to connect their kids with creative learning opportunities. That local startup was Lens.Vegas, a drone marketplace founded by a Georgia Tech alumna & licensed drone pilot offering drone classes and drone boxkits.

There is no better time than the present to empower youngsters with the skills they need to comply with the rules of the sky. The big idea is to drive responsible play and learning with purpose. As drone laws evolve, it is increasingly important to know when it’s ok to capture that cool beach shot while on vacation, or what the rules are when flying over crowds at that travel baseball tournament or local festival.  Lens.Vegas held classes in downtown Decatur,  and launched the Project Skybox initiative to bring that outdoor drone classroom experience closer to home–by shipping it right to your front door.

General information about Lens.Vegas and their Project Skybox initiative:

Project Skybox enables drone pilots & hobbyists of all ages to capture beautiful aerials that comply with FAA federal airspace regulations. The boxkit includes a training drone, VR goggles, and companion guide. The companion guide is a 200+ page book. The Aerial Lookbook title features a curated collection of high-quality aerials that are mapped to key aeronautical concepts to promote safe drone operations. Our mission is to lead the curious into a growing relationship with aeronautical knowledge through high impact drone experiences.

Reserve your boxkit today at www.ProjectSkybox.com

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