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Local kids raise money for homeless families at Nicholas House

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Local kids raise money for homeless families at Nicholas House

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Sadie Berman, 7, and Qudus Morris, 13, who raised money for homeless families at Nicholas House.


Atlanta, GA — Renfroe Middle School student Qudus Morris, 13, and Sadie Berman, 7, have raised thousands of dollars to improve the lives of homeless families at Nicholas House this year.

Qudus Morris came across the community work of Nicholas House online and was inspired by their efforts, according to a press release from Nicholas House. Qudus wanted to do something profound for the community in honor of his 13th birthday and as part of his personal rites of passage initiatives. He started a GoFundMe page to raise funds for homeless families served by Nicholas House.

“Right now though our lives may be hard due to the pandemic, for families living on the street, life is even harder,” said Morris. To date, Morris has raised $7,841 for homeless families.

Sadie Berman used her love of artwork to raise almost $1,000 for Nicholas House by selling her paintings. When asked why she wanted to help homeless families, Berman said, “because I like helping America, I like reinforcing it. It’s like a wall, if a piece of it is missing or broken, you have to fix it in order for it to stay strong.”

“The special acts of kindness from Sadie and Qudus are amazing! Nicholas House is honored by their desire to help
less fortunate children and their parents.” stated Dennis Bowman, Executive Director of Nicholas House.

According to a press release from the organization, Nicholas House has provided comprehensive housing and case management services to more than 13,000 homeless parents and children for over 38 years. Each night, Nicholas House serves over 300 homeless children and their parents. They help homeless families improve skills and education to earn a living wage, maintain a healthy home environment and sustain their own housing. They accept any family composition and size. They hold families accountable with specific goals, action steps and evaluations. They focus on long-term outcomes – following families for 2 years after they leave programs to ensure long-term impact. As a result, 90% of families served maintain their own permanent housing a year or more after leaving the program. For more information about Nicholas House, please visit www.nicholashouse.org.

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