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George on Georgia – Decaturish needs your help

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George on Georgia – Decaturish needs your help

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George Chidi


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Hundreds of thousands of ballots in the Nov. 3 election went undelivered by the U.S. Post Office, in part because the Trump-appointed postmaster general defied a federal court order to ensure their timely delivery.

When paired with the highly unusual systemic polling error of pollsters this year, it raises a serious question about the administration’s election interference. It’s relatively easy to explain a double-digit difference between the last opinion polls and the election results with thousands of ballots left in a box at the post office.

Are we hearing one word about this on the right? No. #StopTheSteal is exclusively about evidence-free accusations of fraud that rely on racist assumptions about election officials in counties with lots of Black voters electing Black leaders.

Let’s be absolutely clear: Donald Trump tried to steal this election. Like most things he does, he failed at it.

Democrats absolutely should be in the streets right now, even with a victory in hand, because this crime should be answered. The right is not entitled to outrage while it has stolen goods in its hands. Republican protesters today are thieves accusing their accusers, sewing doubt so they can slip away in the confusion.

Writing about this, and the two U.S. Senate races to come here in Georgia, are likely to consume most of the next two months of my life. And I want your help.

National journalism organizations are pointing at Decaturish for local coverage as Georgia becomes the center of the universe. It’s impossible for someone to parachute into Atlanta and understand enough about how things work here or build relationships quickly enough to get it right. Decaturish is important.

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