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George on Georgia – We are watching Trump collapse in real time

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George on Georgia – We are watching Trump collapse in real time

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Some of the merchandise on sale at the event in Scottdale to raise money and show support for President Donald Trump on October 4, 2020. Photo by Dean Hesse.


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Donald Trump suggested at a press conference this afternoon — one that will be likened to Nixon’s “Checkers” speech for the sheer mania and palpable destruction it wrought — that the “elections infrastructure” of Georgia is run by Democrats, which would be a surprise to the Republican Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger.

The Georgia count is under 2,000 now and falling. Clayton County — which is 91 percent nonwhite — has 5,800 votes to count. I bet Georgia flips to Biden by midnight. Thus the hyperbole. They know how impossible it’s going to be to fight the count in Georgia on the merits. All they have left is a wall of obfuscation, a humvee with a smoke generator to cover the escape.

Vernon Jones, former DeKalb County CEO and avatar of nope, said at a presser immediately following Trump’s idiocy that “this fight is just getting started. We see the white in their eyes and we’re going to start shooting.” He made some “no violence” demurrals later, rhetorically throwing salt over his shoulder, in an environment where people with guns are showing up at elections offices in other parts of the country. But the language at the presser was consistently militant. A fight. A war. “We’re going to fight. This is a battle cry.” 

“We ain’t bullshitting you,” he concluded. “If Joe Biden wins this election, there’s going to be payback. Not violence. … From the Deep State and the media and the Democratic Party – half of this country is not going to accept if Joe Biden wins. We’re putting you on notice. We’re on your ass.”

I note in passing that Fairington Elementary precinct, in Jones’ (former) state house district, had nearly the lowest Trump support in the county, and perhaps the state, delivering 3.3 percent of its votes to the president. 

Lovely man, that Jones.

Doug Collins followed that with the suggestion that Fox 5 Atlanta is in possession of some damning video showing that Fulton County continued to count ballots after Republican observers went home for the night. “They started counting again – the media knows it and aren’t saying anything. Fox 5 has it,” he said.

The GM of the station, Bill Schneider, just described that statement to me as “baseless claims.” Which seems to be the rule of the day today. 

Don Trump Jr. is collapsing in real time. 

The last hitter to strike out at the presser this evening, he went on about how “Democrat judges in Democrat cities” are corrupt and allowing the election to be “stolen.” He claimed that James O’Keefe — he of the fake sting videos — has video of poll workers in Detroit blocking outside observers. 

Meanwhile, the Trump team is putting up a wall of lies hoping no one will look beyond them. 

Don Jr. said he has “lost all faith in the process,” adding, “We assume what we’ve all known for many years. Donald Trump will fight each and every one of these battles to the death. And everyone on the Democratic side should welcome this, unless they’re cheating. … Donald Trump is a fighter. Americans need to know that this is not a banana republic. If this was going on in a third world country, people would be screaming to high heaven.”

Total collapse. 

– George Chidi is a political columnist and public policy advocate.

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