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Kirkwood artists brighten up lofts to help residents ‘keep going’

COVID-19 Kirkwood and East Lake

Kirkwood artists brighten up lofts to help residents ‘keep going’

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Kris Landt commissioned artists A.P. Faust and Allen Peterson (seen here) to paint murals on the doors of her Kirkwood School Lofts residence. (Photos courtesy Kris Landt)


By Patrick Saunders, contributor

Atlanta, GA — Several doors outside of the Kirkwood School Lofts have been turned into works of art thanks to an inspiring collaboration between a resident and two local artists.

Kris Landt put out the call on Facebook in November for artists to paint two sets of dingy, red doors to “be a metaphor for [her] own 2020 story.” Allen Peterson and A.P. Faust responded, and the project began.

Landt asked Peterson to include a quote by the German philosopher Rilke on a pair of double doors: “Let it all happen to you: beauty and terror. Just keep going. No feeling is final.”

“We’ve all spent so much time in our own houses, apartments, and spaces this year,” Peterson told Decaturish. “I think she was just taking some steps to make the doors that she sees every day into something special. I think that’s a really thoughtful gesture, to bring beauty into your everyday life like that.”

Landt was overjoyed with what Peterson came up with.

“He expertly translated the sentiment of that poem — uncertainty, perseverance and optimism — visually into its powerful graphic background,” she said.

Landt has sheltered in place for most of the year due to the pandemic. She’s spent much of that time playing with her two dogs and baking sourdough bread and pastries, which ended up being reflected on the door Faust painted.

“It makes me and all the other residents here so happy every time we see it,” Landt said.

It’s all about enjoying simple pleasures during dark times, according to Faust.

“It’s easy to get bogged down when the world is burning, but we have to be intentional about making space in our lives for the little things that engage our senses,” he said. “We can’t lose sight of what makes us present, such as a splash of color, a delicious fresh-baked pastry or the sheer cuteness of our beloved pets.”

“It was an absolute delight to work with both artists, especially to learn about their individual techniques,” Landt added. “Now, this old school library really feels like home, inside and out.”

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