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Parents have until Feb. 28 to upload photos for Renfroe Middle School yearbook


Parents have until Feb. 28 to upload photos for Renfroe Middle School yearbook

Beacon Hill Middle, formerly known as Carl G. Renfroe Middle School, City Schools of Decatur, W. College Avenue.

Decatur, GA — Parents Laura Witte and Amanda Lockhart have stepped up to create a yearbook for Renfroe Middle School students this year after the school canceled it.

Renfroe Middle has been all virtual since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic in March.

Parents have until Feb. 28 to submit photos for the yearbook. Here is the full announcement:

Hello Renfroe Community,

You should be getting an email at some point but here is the information for uploading photos for the 20-21 RMS yearbook. The deadline is Sunday, Feb 28. Please Help spread the word! Here are the instructions below, thanks and we appreciate you all!

We are working hard to capture the memories of the 2020-2021 school year and we want it to include a picture of every single student!

1. Upload a headshot for the Class Sections of the Yearbook – ​ Photos are due Sunday, February 28 at midnight.

Because there is no school picture day – we need you to upload a picture of your student for the class section of the yearbook. The portrait must be a head shot of your student only. You can just choose a photo from your camera roll or take one on the spot and upload it through​ ​ybkplus.com​.

Here’s How…

– Go to​ ​ybkplus.com​ on your phone.

–  Once on the site, enter the PRIMARY GUARDIAN​ ​email. – the primary email from Infinite campus

– A ​ONE TIME​ code will then be emailed to you to verify your identity.

– Choose ​My Portrait,​ select and crop your portrait photo, then submit!

We reserve the right to reject any photo that does not follow proper student dress code and/or does not meet publication standards.

Please no hats, sunglasses, props, funny facial expressions, or hand gestures.

For help please ​review this video​ on guidelines for choosing and uploading a picture.

All photos must be submitted by due Sunday, February 28 at midnight.

2. Upload Candid Pictures ​ Photos are due Sunday, February 28 at midnight. We need your pictures to accurately capture your student’s year. You can upload up to ten candid pictures of your student(s) ​HERE.​ Example of what we need are:

–  First day of school (August 17) – ​Give us a picture of your first school day.

– Quarantine Birthday Celebrations​ – How did you celebrate your birthday?

– Quarantine Holidays ​- How did you celebrate any holiday that is important to you?Just to name a few – Halloween, New Year’s Labor Day, Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza, Hajj, Hijra, Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, Valentine’s Day, etc

– COVID Hobbies ​- What hobby have you taken up or perfected during

COVID? Examples; Music, art, crafting, a business, cleaning, knitting, reading, playing video games, etc.

– Virtual Learning Space​ – Give us a glimpse of where you ‘doschool’ the most.

– Staying Active:​ How do you stay active during COVID? Looking for things such as but not limited to: club/travel sports such as baseball, softball, soccer, rugby, swimming? Hiking, biking, rock climbing, arial, dance, ultimate frisbee, running, walking, yoga, etc

– You are your pets​ – Upload a picture of you and your pets). Do you have an unusual pet? Did you get a pet during COVID? How many pets do you have?

When you upload, please put the name and grade of student(s), and a brief description of what is happening (one sentence). You can upload up to ten candid photos – we will do our best to include AT LEAST ONE photo that you upload.

All photos must be submitted by due Sunday, February 28 at midnight.

3. Order a yearbook now!

All yearbook orders must be in by in order to guarantee that your student will have a yearbook for this unprecedented year – please order your yearbook now!

Don’t delay, buy today at ​www.jostens.com​.

If you have any questions ​[email protected]

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