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Avondale restaurant Vietvana plans expansion to Ponce City Market

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Avondale restaurant Vietvana plans expansion to Ponce City Market

A bowl of Vietvana's signature phở. Photo courtesy of Vietvana.


Atlanta, GA — VIỆTVANA Phở Noodle House is bringing its signature and delectable phở, house-made noodles and fresh bánh mì sandwiches to the expanded Central Food Hall at Ponce City Market, according to a press release from the restaurant.

The new restaurant is set to open this summer as part of the newest expansion of the popular intown Atlanta foodie destination. Avondale Estates residents have been enjoying VIỆTVANA’s fare since early 2020.

“It’s a dream to open at Ponce City Market, where we can bring our high-quality noodles and Vietnamese cuisine to more foodies and intown adventurers,” said Khanh Dang, who founded VIỆTVANA with her husband Dinh Tran. “We’re expanding because our fans love our food. Ponce City Market is the perfect location for us to keep connecting with people and teaching them about the complex and sophisticated flavors that we love from our native country.”

VIỆTVANA’s restaurants in Midtown and Avondale Estates have full menus, while at Ponce City Market, the concept born in Atlanta and Saigon will focus on a new delectable noodle recipe for its signature Vietnamese broth called phở and fresh bánh mì sandwiches.

VIỆTVANA regulars may taste a delicious change in the already-delicious phở recipe.

“For the new phở recipe, together with our fresh noodles made from imported rice flour from Vietnam and custom-made noodle machine, we are striving to cook the best phở possible with no compromise using the best ingredients,” said Dang.

The duo began importing rice flour to make the most authentic noodle – and they designed a custom machine to prepare noodles in-house to get the right texture to match their phở broth, another labor of love. For the broth, they use copious amounts of meat and vegetables (instead of sugar and salt) to create a hearty, deep and nuanced flavor, that remind Tran and Dang of home. They also custom bake bread in-house daily for fresh and crunchy bánh mì sandwiches.

VIỆTVANA’s mission is to change the narrative of Vietnamese food around the world. The name reflects the idea of Vietnamese food meeting nirvana, hence VIỆTVANA.

VIỆTVANA’s recipes are created by Tran and his mother, Tina Nguyen, who often is found in the restaurants’ kitchens.

“VIỆTVANA features modern Vietnamese cuisine inspired by the memories and flavors from our families’ kitchens back in Saigon,” said Tran. “Our recipes were honed over hundreds of years from different cultures and regions across Vietnam.”

The millennial couple also is dedicated to having the freshest products, the way they remember meals in Vietnam. They meet with their suppliers so they know where the ingredients come from and have a connection with the farmers.

“We support local farmers and in turn we have the freshest ingredients for our authentic cuisine,” said Tran. “We want everyone to taste our thoughtfully crafted food at Ponce City Market.”