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Kirkwood Urban Forest bridge burned; officials seek information

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Kirkwood Urban Forest bridge burned; officials seek information

The aftermath of the bridge fire. Photo by Katie Kissel, KNO President

Atlanta, GA — On Thurs., Apr. 15, the Kirkwood Urban Forest pedestrian bridge was burned; emergency crews responded and put out the fire. The Kirkwood Neighbors Organization (KNO) is seeking information related to this fire and requesting monetary donations to rebuild the bridge, according to a press release from KNO. 

Atlanta 911 received two calls reporting a fire at the Rogers Street entrance to Kirkwood Urban Forest, before 5:00 a.m. EDT on Apr. 15. Police and fire crews responded, and Engine 18 put out the fire. The case is now being handled by Lt. Douglas of the Atlanta Fire Investigation Unit. If neighbors have any information that could be beneficial to this case, they should reach out to Lt. Douglas directly at 470-421-5552 and reference case number #21023832. 

“I was very disappointed to see countless hours of volunteer labor and thousands of dollars in materials be turned to char, but I am eternally grateful that no one was hurt,” said Katie Kissel, KNO President. “Things can be replaced. People cannot.” 

The pedestrian bridge to access the Kirkwood Urban Forest was built in 2016-2017 by Kirkwood Neighbors Organization (KNO) in partnership with Stryant Construction. It was funded through the neighborhood as well as a matching grant from Park Pride. The project took several years to plan, finance and build and was truly a labor of love which is why seeing it destroyed is so disheartening for all involved. 

Donations are welcome to help rebuild the bridge, by donating on the KNO website: https://www.historickirkwood.org/kirkwood-urban-forest-bridge. The estimated repair costs are $25,000+. 

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