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Pedestrian death on Brockett Road sparks calls for slower speeds


Pedestrian death on Brockett Road sparks calls for slower speeds

One June 10, a driver hit a pedestrian on Brockett Road near Brockett Elementary. The pedestrian died from her injuries. Image obtained via Google Maps

Tucker, GA — A vehicle struck a pedestrian on Thursday evening, June 10, in the 1800 block of Brockett Road near Brockett Elementary School.

DeKalb County Police say the pedestrian, a woman in her 50s, died the next day. They have not identified her and police have not said whether the person who hit her stayed at the scene or was cited. She was walking north along the road and was hit by a driver who was also traveling north.

The woman’s death has prompted residents living along the road to call for officials in the city of Tucker and DeKalb County to do something to calm traffic along the busy street.

John Guest and other residents said the road has a 40-mile per hour speed limit from U.S. 78 to Lawrenceville Highway. But people rarely travel the speed limit, Guest said. More often than not, people are traveling 50 to 60 miles per hour, he said.

“I have to consciously watch my speedometer,” Guest said. “I can easily hit 45. It’s just the way the road is … But nobody does 40. It just doesn’t happen.”

It’s unclear whether speed was a factor in the crash, but residents said the driver who hit the pedestrian also obliterated a solid brick mailbox.

Danny Martin, another resident, said neighbors are talking about petitions and letters to elected officials to get some attention to the busy street, especially because of the elementary school that shares its name.

“The sad fact is there are a lot of speeders on this road,” Martin said. “Me and my husband we live right here on the corner … we see the speeders every day.”

Martin said it’s his understanding that the speed limit would need to be lowered on the road before any traffic calming could happen.

“We’re just trying to get our traffic on this road calmed down because people really do fly up and down this road,” he said. “There are a lot of pedestrians, mothers and fathers. This is a school walk route.”

Tami Oliver, another resident, said there have been “recurring problems” along the road.

“It’s just a long unbroken stretch without any stop signs and people fly through there,” she said. “Some concerned neighbors right now are researching what our options are. My understanding is they probably won’t do speed bumps for us because of the current speed limit. We’re at the exploration phase of what we can ask for.”

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