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Decaturish supporters speak out: Margaret Arnett encourages others to support local news

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Decaturish supporters speak out: Margaret Arnett encourages others to support local news

Margaret Arnett

Decatur, GA — Local news thrives because of its supporters.

Their readership, ideas and financial contributions are essential to keeping the community informed.

Today, Decaturish will begin publishing a series of articles about our paying supporters who agreed to talk to us about their reasons for supporting local news and why you should join them. We will need your help to cover the Nov. 2 municipal elections. To become a paying supporter for as little as $3 a month, visit supportmylocalnews.com.

Margaret Arnett is a resident of DeKalb County but lives near Decatur. She is a voting education and voting rights activist. 

Arnett is a former journalist and has always believed in supporting local journalism. A friend told her about Decaturish years ago so she checked it out and was hooked, she said. She liked that the site is online and all local, all the time.  

“As a voting education and voting rights activist, I find I am always reading Logan Ritchie’s articles,” Arnett said. “She has her thumb on the pulse of everything happening down at the DeKalb Board of Elections. But I love all of the other local government articles as well.”

She encourages others to become supporters and said there is no way to overemphasize how important local journalism is in a community.

“As local news outlets continue to disappear, so does citizen engagement. When citizen engagement disappears, your local elected officials are not held accountable and transparency quickly erodes,” Arnett said. “And your local news outlets are the journalists who know their community, their local officials, their local subject matter experts, their area resources, etc., better than anyone. Supporting local news outlets like Decaturish is investing in your very own community.” 

To become a paying supporter of Decaturish, visit supportmylocalnews.com

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