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Decaturish supporters speak out: Realtor Jon Effron says local news provides value to community

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Decaturish supporters speak out: Realtor Jon Effron says local news provides value to community

Jon Effron

Decatur, GA — Do you like local news and being informed about your community?

Providing local journalism costs money, and what we do just wouldn’t be possible without the 1,500 members of your community who support Decaturish. They are your friends and neighbors, and they think you should support Decaturish, too.

This is the third in a series of articles about our paying supporters who agreed to talk to us about their reasons for supporting local news and why you should join them. We need your help. To become a paying supporter for as little as $3 a month, visit supportmylocalnews.com.

Jon Effron is a real estate agent who lives in Morningside. He is a longtime supporter of Decaturish and chose to support the publication because he values local news and knew that Editor and Publisher Dan Whisenhunt would commit to providing high level coverage that wasn’t anywhere else, Effron said. 

Years of seeing local newsrooms thin out and seeing seemingly more clickbait also convinced Effron to become a supporter. 

“There are far fewer places covering tax allocation districts, road diets and tree ordinances,” Effron said. “I felt- and still feel- that we spend money on things that we value, and in this case, Decaturish’s coverage of the people, places and things that oftentimes impact us the most is something that our community must support.”

Effron encourages others to support their local news because good journalism costs money to produce. 

“Less good journalism focused on our communities results in a less informed community,” Effron said. “A less informed community — no matter how well-intentioned they are — becomes an apathetic community. An apathetic community isn’t a community at all. They’re just a bunch of people who live within proximity of one another.” 

To become a paying supporter of Decaturish, visit supportmylocalnews.com

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