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Scottdale resident creates neighborhood signs to establish a sense of community identity

DeKalb County Scottdale

Scottdale resident creates neighborhood signs to establish a sense of community identity

Scottdale resident Charles Flemming created neighborhood signs with elements that represent the area. He wanted to help create a sense of identity in Scottdale. Photo submitted by Charles Flemming.

Scottdale, GA — After seeing the neighborhood signs in Kirkwood and Oakhurst, Scottdale resident Charles Flemming was inspired to create signs for his neighborhood with elements that represent Scottdale.

He noticed that the residents of neighborhoods like Kirkwood and Oakhurst were proud to be from their neighborhoods, and their signs were a way to identify the areas.

“I always thought that was really cool. They had their own little neighborhoods, and they had their own little vibe, even though the neighborhoods were close,” Flemming said. “I thought [the sign] was a good way of identifying like if somebody drove down the street, they would know, oh we’re in Scottdale. Look at the Scottdale signs.”

The sign features a cursive-like font surrounded by a butterfly, bee, hummingbird and a dragonfly.

“The butterfly represents the transformation of the neighborhood, so the neighborhood has been revitalized,” Flemming said.

Flemming moved to the neighborhood in 2007. Since then, he has seen renovations to parks and sidewalks, new parks be built and “brand-new homes that I couldn’t imagine was here in 2007,” he said.

When Flemming bought his house, it was one of the first new houses in the neighborhood at the time. At the time, there was about five new houses in the area, and now they’re everywhere, he said.

“The bumblebee represents community and the hummingbird represents joy and happiness. The dragon fly represents love and growth,” Flemming said. “I have one flower, which represents the one community, and all of these insects and bird kind of nurturing this one community.”

He has also designed signs for various holidays, like the Fourth of July, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Although these signs feature different elements like a pumpkin, ghost, turkey and a snowman.

Flemming said people like the signs and he enjoys seeing them displayed.

“So when I walk around and I see them on people’s houses, I’m like man, I can’t believe I made that sign,” Flemming said.

He has sold about 15 signs so far and gave several signs to the organization Neighbor in Need. The organization can also print the design on mugs and other items.

“My goal is to have every house with the sign on it in the neighborhood,” Flemming said.

Anyone interested in ordering a sign can go through Neighbor in Need or can contact Flemming at [email protected].

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