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Supporter Marjorie Hall says no one covers DeKalb County like Decaturish

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Supporter Marjorie Hall says no one covers DeKalb County like Decaturish

George Chidi and Marjorie Hall. Photo by Dan Whisenhunt

Decatur, GA — Supporter Marjorie Hall says Decaturish covers DeKalb County better than anyone else.

Whether it’s the inner workings of local governments or heated annexations and cityhood battles, Decaturish has kept the community informed and in the loop.

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Marjorie Hall lives in unincorporated DeKalb County near Tucker. She works for an environmental engineering company as an environmental consultant and industrial historian. She is a graduate student at Georgia Tech pursuing a degree in history of technology. Hall is also one of the founders of the civic group DeKalb Strong.

Hall supports Decaturish in a variety of ways, from being one of Decaturish’s first supporters to offering quotes for many stories.

“I have been an avid fan of Decaturish since I first heard about them in 2013 or 2014,” Hall said. “I am very interested in local news, and no one covers what’s going on in this part of DeKalb like Decaturish.”

Hall was active in the fights around cityhood in DeKalb in 2015. It was an important issue and Decaturish dug deeper than anyone else was willing to, she said. Hall added that no one else is covering some other key issues like Decaturish is.

“I really enjoy local politics—it’s both entertaining and important, but it can take a lot of legwork,” Hall said. “They also have some amazing columnists with Nicki Salcedo and George Chidi —the quality of content in such a small outfit is pretty remarkable.”

“Local politics is where the rubber meets the road,” she added. “We get so bent out of shape about national politics, but what really impacts our day-to-day lives—whether we have good roads, adequate housing, clean water, quality schools and our garbage picked up—that all happens on school boards, county commissions and city councils. I think all of us would be better off if we paid closer attention to local levels of government.”

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