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Dear Decaturish – I am glad Joe Biden is pushing vaccinations

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Dear Decaturish – I am glad Joe Biden is pushing vaccinations

Joe Biden during a rally for Democratic U.S. Senate candidates Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock on Tuesday, Dec. 15, at Pullman Yard in Kirkwood. Photo is a screenshot from the C-SPAN live stream.

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Dear Decaturish,

Labor Day weekend I was free! I am 76 years old; I was with 1500 other people at a festival in beautiful western North Carolina, and, along with almost everyone else, I breathed easy without the nuisance of keeping a mask on. The gathered crowd talked and sang together. We saw old friends and made new ones.

We were free. And it was not because we screamed at people who wore masks, nor did we stubbornly refuse to get vaccinated because of some nebulous paranoia about government overreach.

I and the 1500 others at the Wild Goose Festival were free because the festival organizers insisted on everyone who was eligible being vaccinated. We submitted photos of our vaccination certificates when we bought tickets and showed them again when we checked in at the festival grounds. I know this was rigorously enforced because a friend was stopped at the gate and not admitted until he had his wife send a photo of the certificate.

A few people of their own choice wore masks. I personally kept my distance from children who I suspected had not yet been able to get the shot. But basically, I was free because I had taken the shot, and I knew all of the adults around me had done so as well.

Breakthrough infections can happen, of course. Out of an abundance of caution, Leslie and I self-isolated for a few days after we returned home. Then we got tested, and both tests were negative. Thus far I am not aware of a single case of Covid that can be traced back to the festival.

I am so glad that President Joe Biden is pushing vaccinations by all legal means available to him. Biden was not my first choice for the democratic nomination, but on this issue he has exceeded my expectations. I applaud him. People my age have died in this pandemic. It is time to bring it to an end.

I enjoyed my freedom last weekend. I am ready to extend that freedom to going to the grocery store and otherwise going about life as it can be – if we all get vaccinated. We can do this!

– Mark Reeve

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