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Jamie Carroll seeks re-election to focus on public safety and development

Clarkston elections

Jamie Carroll seeks re-election to focus on public safety and development

Jamie Carroll. Photo provided to Decaturish

Clarkston, GA — Jamie Carroll, an attorney, is seeking re-election as a member of Clarkston City Council. Carroll is from Nashville and graduated from Wake Forest University, moving to Atlanta to attend Emory School of Law. He is married with two young children.

During his time on Clarkston City Council, Carroll has been a proponent of tiny home development and accessory dwelling units. He worked to allocate Clarkston’s stimulus funds for rental relief and mortgage relief during the COVID-19 pandemic, and allocated funds to incentivize Clarkston residents to get vaccinated.

His main issues are public safety, housing and distribution of American Rescue Plan funds.

Carroll moved to the city of Clarkston in 2012, and within several weeks experienced two home invasions and an assault. During the first break-in, televisions, computers and clothing were stolen. The person returned a week later, but a newly-installed alarm system scared off the perpetrator.

“A month after that, I was walking and there was a gang of kids. One of them had a .22 rifle and he pointed it at me. It was a frightening experience,” said Carroll. “All of that made me realize that crime is a real threat in Clarkston.”

He said these experiences spurred him to work on public safety by increasing video surveillance, police patrols and police cooperation with citizens. An increase in flock cameras, which are optimized to capture images of license plates, would help police track stolen cars and link cars to crimes like break-ins. By expanding video surveillance to all the apartment buildings and neighborhoods in Clarkston, police are more likely to catch people committing break-ins and other crimes, he said.

Street crossings, sidewalks and traffic calming are three ways to increase pedestrian safety in Clarkston, said Carroll.

“We approved a contract to put in speed cameras in the Clarkston part of the school district, so police can trap people that speed there,” he said, referring to a 4-year-old girl who was killed while walking to school.

Clarkston is set to receive $4 million in American Rescue Plan funds, and Carroll wants to see those dollars distributed to relieve burdened businesses and homeowners, and to encourage vaccinations.

Prior to joining the Clarkston city council, Carroll was a member of the Clarkston Planning and Zoning Board for three years.

“My impression from talking to Clarkston residents is they want more downtown development. They want more housing options in parks,” he said. Clarkston can encourage downtown development and housing while preserving existing neighborhoods and tree canopy, he said.

More information about the Nov. 2 municipal elections

All Tucker Observer elections coverage can be found at Tuckerobservervotes.com 

The election will be Nov. 2. Early voting will begin on Oct. 12. The voter registration deadline for the upcoming city elections is Oct. 4. To register to vote, click here.

To see a list of important dates in the 2021 election year, click here.

Voters in DeKalb County are eligible to apply for an absentee ballot as of Aug. 16. The county will hold municipal elections on Nov. 2, as well as a county-wide E-SPLOST vote for DeKalb County schools.

To apply for an absentee ballot:

— Visit the Georgia Secretary of State website: www.sos.ga.gov.

—  Complete the absentee ballot application using the state’s official paper form or request an absentee ballot in writing. Use blue or black ink only.

Applications can be mailed to the county elections office and voter’s should use this address: DeKalb County Election office, 4380 Memorial Drive, Decatur, GA 30032-1239.

Applications can also be submitted through fax, 404-298-4038 or email, [email protected].

Voters may send an absentee ballot request for multiple people who live in the same household in the same envelope or email.

If an absentee ballot is not mailed to you, contact your county’s elections office. You may still vote in person, either early or on Election Day.

An absentee ballot application must be received 11 days prior to the election, which is Oct. 22.

In accordance with SB202, a new voting bill signed by Governor Brian Kemp in March, a voter ID is required to apply for an absentee ballot. A Georgia driver’s license, Georgia voter card, U.S. military ID, employee ID issued by any branch of the federal or state government, U.S. Passport, tribal ID, or a document verifying a voter’s name and address – including a paycheck, utility bill, or bank statement – are accepted forms of ID.

Voters can obtain a free ID at the DeKalb County Elections office at 4380 Memorial Drive in Decatur or at the following locations:

– On Aug. 25 from 3-6 p.m. at Doraville Marta Station, 6000 New Peachtree Road, Doraville 30340.

— On Aug. 30 from 3-6 p.m. at Indian Creek Marta Station, 3901 Durham Park Road, Stone Mountain 30083.

— On Sept. 15 from 3-6 p.m. at Chamblee Marta Station, 5200 New Peachtree Road, Chamblee 303041.

— On Sept. 14 from 3-6 p.m. at Kensington Marta Station, 3505 Kensington Road, Decatur 30032.

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