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City of Decatur had high-risk tree removed, dead limbs pruned on Greenwood Avenue


City of Decatur had high-risk tree removed, dead limbs pruned on Greenwood Avenue

The city of Decatur had a high-risk tree removed on Greenwood Avenue this week. Two other trees were also flagged to have dead limbs pruned. Photo by Keiran Neely.

Decatur, GA — The city of Decatur had a tree removed this week near the intersection of Greenwood Avenue and Ansley Street, leaving those in the neighborhood curious about what happened. City Arborist Kay Evanovich said the willow oak tree was inspected after a complaint was received regarding a large branch that had fallen off a street tree. There were numerous dead branches on the street trees on Greenwood Avenue.

“We had that particular street tree pruned in the past because of dead limbs,” Evanovich said. “When I inspected the tree recently, I found Inonotus dryadeus, root rot fungus, present. This is a fast-moving and untreatable disease. Sounding revealed rotted wood in the supporting roots. The trunk of the tree at the base appeared to have been struck by vehicles and had a large wound that had not sealed properly.”

There were also multiple dead branches in the crown of the tree. The willow oak was determined to be a high-risk tree in a severe state of decline, she said. Evanovich additionally place yellow flagging tape around the tree to be removed and flagged two other willow oak trees to have dead limbs pruned. She will be monitoring those trees for signs of rot on a six-month schedule.

The work has been completed on the trees and the flagging will be removed.

“Removal of mature canopy trees is not a decision I make lightly, but if there is an immovable target present such as a sidewalk, street and surrounding homes, where people live, work, and walk, that a tree could impact, my duty is to protect the public,” Evanovich said. “A new street tree that is resistant to that fungus will be planted this fall.”

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