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Dear Decaturish – We are the Decatur Justice Coalition

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Dear Decaturish – We are the Decatur Justice Coalition

Recent Decatur High School graduate Koan Roy-Meighoo talks about the JADE program (Justice, Action, Diversity and Equity in City Schools of Decatur) during the Beacon Hill Black Alliance for Human Rights Decolonize Decatur Committee “Genocide Cannon on the Square” Teach-In at the “Indian War” cannon by the historic DeKalb County courthouse on Sunday, Aug. 22. Roy-Meighoo said a goal was to educate the community “about what we can do to make our whole city more inclusive and have memorials that really represent what we stand for.” Photo by Dean Hesse.

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Dear Decaturish,

The city of Decatur pledges to serve all its community members with respect and integrity. As the November election approaches, it is our responsibility – as members of this community – to elect leaders who will fight for everyone. Issues of universal access and justice are central in how we uphold such standards of respect and integrity and as a collection of students, parents, educators, and community members, we are standing up together to ensure the city fulfills its pledge.

We are the Decatur Justice Coalition.

The Decatur Justice Coalition (DJC) is a multi-generational, student-led alliance of young people, educators, parents, families, and community groups dedicated to uniting our city behind principles of equal access and justice. DHS alumni Julian Fortuna and Koan Roy-Meighoo spearhead the group alongside representatives from the Beacon Hill Black Alliance, the Anti-Racist Coalition for Decatur, the Student Coalition for Equity, the CSD Black Parents Alliance, and the CSD Special Education PTA.

The coalition represents the interests and priorities of groups from across the community – from organizations which have been advocating for the rights of Decatur residents for years to parents, students, retirees, and educators who live in the city every day. We are a combined voice for all these people, a coalition which stands up for the values of our community.

In the coming weeks, leaders across the city will be signing onto the DJC Platform. This platform is a combination of community value statements and reflective policy templates which our leaders can adapt to their work. When leaders sign onto the DJC platform, they are committing to the spirit of the policy, and to implementing the version that best serves the community. Our platform is visible on our website, where you can read how we’re translating these values into actionable resources for elected officials.

By supporting justice-oriented candidates and lobbying for more inclusive policies, DJC is also holding leaders accountable to the people of Decatur. That is why the DJC will be holding two forums in the coming weeks for Decatur residents to hear directly from justice-oriented candidates and discuss issues that are important to them. Check our website to learn more about these forums, as dates and times will be announced soon.

We are playing our part in ensuring that Decatur is focusing on issues of equal opportunity and community justice. The DJC is committed to advocating for all residents in Decatur – which is why if you have any thoughts, concerns, or questions, please contact us. And so, by bringing together voices from across Decatur, DJC is a place where we can stand as a united community. DJC is a place where we can ensure that our leaders are accountable to all of us. And DJC is a place where values of opportunity and justice for everyone are always important.


Koan Roy-Meighoo and Julian Fortuna, Decatur Justice Coalition

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