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Decatur City Commission discusses code violations of a property on Ferndale Drive

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Decatur City Commission discusses code violations of a property on Ferndale Drive

FILE PHOTO USED FOR ILLUSTRATION PURPOSES. The Decatur City Commission met on Monday, Oct. 4, to discuss violations of the city's health and sanitation ordinance at the property of 2284 Ferndale Drive. Photo by Zoe Seiler.

Decatur, GA — The Decatur City Commission, at its Oct. 4 meeting, evaluated property violations of the city’s health and sanitation ordinance at 2284 Ferndale Drive. The board gave the property owner until Oct. 29 to bring the property into compliance with the ordinance.

The city’s public works department plans to give the property owner, Deloris Pringle, details of the city’s expectations. If violations are still present on Nov. 1, then the city staff would be authorized to correct the issues.

“I have notified the city of Decatur that all of the violations will be addressed during the month of October,” Pringle said. “I have an arborist coming out to deal with the trees and a lawn service to deal with the lawn. I am preparing to take care of anything construction related to the property. All of this will be done before the month of October ends.”

The property has dead tree limbs, trash, debris, tall weeds and grass, and is unsecure. According to a memo from Code Enforcement Officer Cynthia Hardnett, the property is a blighting influence on the neighborhood and is in a dangerous and unsanitary condition.

At the Sept. 7 City Commission meeting, Assistant City Manager David Junger said the property owner lives out of state. Pringle has been notified of the condition of the property by certified mail and by posting the letter on the property as of May 25.

If the city has to make repairs, staff would clean and secure the property, bring it into compliance with the health and sanitation ordinance, and do an assessment for the cost of that work.

Development Services Manager John Maximuk said the city has issued several citations this year and over the last several years to this property.

“We’ve been fairly busy out there. In at least nine out of the last 13 years, we’ve been at this property, including six formal postings that we have record of,” he said.

Mayor Patti Garrett encouraged the property owner to not have this be a one-time clean up, but to maintain the property regularly. The city has received emails from neighbors concerned about people getting in and living in the property, the safety and sanitation issues, and about children being on the property, she said.

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