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Atlanta City Council District 5 race heading to runoff between Bakhtiari, Mahoney on Nov. 30

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Atlanta City Council District 5 race heading to runoff between Bakhtiari, Mahoney on Nov. 30

Liliana Bakhtiari (left) and Mandy Mahoney (right) are heading into a runoff for the Atlanta City Council District 5 seat.

This story has been updated.

Atlanta, GA — Atlanta City Council District 5 candidates Liliana Bakhtiari and Mandy Mahoney are heading to runoff election that will take place on Nov. 30.

During the municipal elections, if a race for any seat does not result in any single candidate receiving at least 50% plus one vote, the election will go to a runoff, according to the city of Atlanta website. The runoff election will be between the two candidates who received the largest number of votes between Fulton and DeKalb Counties.

Here are the results:


(DeKalb Precincts reporting: 6 of 6  Fulton County precincts reporting: 8 out of 8)

Samuel Bacote 1852/17.85%

Liliana Bakhtiari 5134/49.50% ADVANCES TO NOV. 30 RUNOFF

Katrina “Katie” Kissell 848/8.17%

Amanda “Mandy” Mahoney 1894/18.26% ADVANCES TO NOV. 30 RUNOFF

Doug Williams 642/6.19

“We are so incredibly grateful to every voter who turned out and cast their vote for us over the past month, and to everyone who has been a part of our campaign throughout the past year— every meet and greet, every call, every text, every dollar donated, every door knocked, every sign waved, and every vote cast has paved the way for this journey,” Bakhtiari wrote on Facebook. “We have so much [to] celebrate. But the work isn’t done quite yet— we were just shy of winning outright, which means we’re heading to a runoff on November 30th.”

Mahoney is excited to be in the runoff and appreciates all the support from voters and the community.

“I’m looking forward to being back out there with my supporters and talking to the community about what is on their hearts, what they want to see kept the same, and what they want to see improved to continue pushing forward for what I am fighting for, for Atlanta,” she told Decaturish.

She would like to see the city grow its resources to bring new creative solutions into the community and believes the community has the best answers and right answers. She aims to be a vessel for the community and lift up what people want to see improved.

“I’m focused on sidewalk and street infrastructure improvements so that we can have safer ways to trade off our cars to move around our community,” Mahoney said. “I want to see us enact policy that supports our elderly residents to be able to age in place in their homes, so that’s both from a tax standpoint, as well as resources to help them live in healthy homes. I believe that we need just and effective public safety improvements in our community. Finally, I want to see infrastructure dollars be used to adapt to climate change.”

Decaturish will be hosting a Twitch forum with both candidates on Wednesday, Nov. 10, at 10:30 a.m. If you have question suggestions, send those to [email protected].

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