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Lionel Laratte, Lisa Shortell reelected to the Avondale Estates City Commission

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Lionel Laratte, Lisa Shortell reelected to the Avondale Estates City Commission

Left to right: Avondale Estates city commissioners Lisa Shortell and Lionel Laratte

Avondale Estates, GA — The results for the Avondale Estates City Commission elections are in. Incumbent Commissioners Lionel Laratte and Lisa Shortell have been reelected.

Here are the election results:


(Precincts reporting: 1 of 1)

Ricardo Israel Korn 363 / 15.87%

Lionel Larattte (I) 898/39.25% WINNER

Lisa Shortell (1) 1014/44.32% WINNER

Two seats were up for election on the City Commission. The Avondale Estates commissioners are all elected at-large, not for specific districts. Three candidates ran for the two seats.

“It was a great race. I’m happy I won,” Laratte said. “The numbers do show that I do have my finger on the pulse of the city and I do understand what residents are looking for. I think I have the respect of a lot more residents than the first time I ran.”

“I want to thank everybody for voting for me and for the support and for believing that I’m going to be able to deliver what they want,” he added.

Laratte is looking forward to focusing on more on the people of Avondale Estates over the next four years.

“I’m going to do my part in what we have remaining to do with development in the downtown, but we have to take care of our residents with stormwater. We have to take care of paving,” Laratte said. “We have to take care of being a more welcoming city. We have police reform that we have to do. All of these things are where the majority of my efforts are going to go.”

Laratte and Shortell have both served on the City Commission since 2018 and will serve a second four-year term.

“First, I’m really honored by the support from Avondale Estates citizens. I feel like this is a message from our constituents to keep moving forward on the path that we’re on. I’m looking forward to the future,” Shortell said.

Shortell hopes to maintain the momentum the city has going regarding major projects and wants to work toward completing some of the more recent capital projects.

“I am looking forward to getting the park finished, doing the U.S. 278 project, finishing the street grid,” Shortell said. “I really am looking forward to continuing to work with the team at City Hall, the other commissioners and the city staff, who have been fantastic, and really moving the city forward. I’m actually really gratified to be able to continue to work with the team.”

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