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Tucker elects new councilmembers, one race headed to Nov. 30 runoff

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Tucker elects new councilmembers, one race headed to Nov. 30 runoff

Tucker City Council District 3, Post 1 candidate Alexis Weaver, second from left, waits for election results with supporters at Las Colinas Mexican Grill on Nov. 2, Election Day. Photo by Dean Hesse.

Tucker, GA — Downtown Tucker was alive late into Nov 2, Election Day, celebrating the city’s races for Mayor and City Council. Roger Orlando, Virginia Rece and Alexis Weaver are the newest Tucker City Council members. Imani Barnes and Cara Schroeder will head to a runoff election on Nov. 30.

Around 9:45 p.m., Mayor Frank Auman was declared the winner of the mayoral race against newcomer Robin Biro.

To see the full results from yesterday’s election, click here.

District 1, Post 1 winner: Roger Orlando

Orlando said he was proud of the race with Peters Park resident Karen Peters-Rivers.

“She’s a wonderful woman. She kept the entire campaign above board, as did I. I’m feeling good that I get to go to City Council in January and continue the good work that’s already been done,” said Orlando, who was taking a little time off from work to celebrate and relax. “I am so happy to serve Tucker.”

District 1, Post 2 winner: Virginia Rece

Reece had not responded by the time this article was published.

Opponent Shawn Woods said, “I’m proud of the race we ran. Hats off to Virginia and Christine [Bloodworth].”

District 2, Post 1 result: Runoff between Cara Schroeder and Imani Barnes

Imani Barnes wrote in a statement, “I am ecstatic to still be in the race. I want to thank everyone for their support. Thank you to the citizens of Tucker for believing in me, and now the work begins. Onward to victory! Go Braves!”

Schroeder said, “I want to thank the voters in District 2 who voted for me for this election already. I appreciate your confidence and we can win this run off with your continued support. As you are aware I have committed myself to this community the past 5 years and am raising my hand to represent you as the City Council District 2 Post 1 council member.”

“For those you who didn’t vote for me, I hope I can count on you to vote for me in the runoff election. I am the best qualified candidate and passionate about continuing to service the citizens of Tucker,” Schroeder said. “This has been an unusual campaign season – and I want to remind every voter how important picking the most experienced leader to step into this role is for the city of Tucker. The transition of City Council leadership is very important as we must have a person who understands the three departments and who is already engaged with city business. My experience checks off each of these areas with years of involvement.”

Thomas Walker, in his second run for City Council, thanked his supporters.

“I met some amazing people on the campaign trail and really got to see firsthand how we are much more alike than the national media paints us. Finally, I want to congratulate Cara Schroeder and Imani Barnes for running outstanding races. But, I also want to remind whoever comes out of the runoff that they are public servants who must represent all in District 2 – those who voted for them, those who voted for another candidate and those who did not cast a vote,” he wrote in a statement.

District 3, Post 1: Alexis Weaver

Weaver thanked those who supported her campaign by writing post cards, making phone calls, passing out literature, telling a friend and voting.

“I want to express my appreciation to District 3 voters who placed their confidence in me. I entered this race because of my commitment to public service and belief that it is essential to have representation that reflects the inclusive values of Tucker. As I said throughout the campaign, I believe that diversity is Tucker’s greatest strength, but yet there is still so much work to be done. As councilwoman, I promise to work tirelessly to make sure everyone’s voice is heard, especially those voices that have been unheard and ignored for far too long,” Weaver wrote in a statement to Tucker Observer.

Weaver said she hopes to hold a celebration closer to the swearing-in ceremony.

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