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Editor’s note: A slow news week for Decaturish

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Editor’s note: A slow news week for Decaturish


Dear readers,

We hope you had a great Christmas holiday and have a great week ahead of you. The news cycle has slowed considerably for us at Decaturish.com. There are no government meetings on the calendar and no major events are planned. Of course, we could be jinxing ourselves and all hell could break loose this week, but we’re expecting a slower-than-usual week.

We will still be working behind the scenes to wrap up any projects we have going on and to prepare for what we anticipate will be a busy 2022. But don’t be surprised if you see fewer stories than usual on Decaturish and Tucker Observer. We won’t produce content for the sake or producing it, but if news happens, we’ll definitely be on top of it. If you have news tips, please send those to [email protected].

Please enjoy your week and thank you for reading Decaturish!

– Dan Whisenhunt, editor and publisher

P.S. Please get vaccinated, or get a booster shot if you already are vaccinated, and wear a mask!

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