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Georgia State Troopers chase vehicle with ‘window tint violation’ through Decatur

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Georgia State Troopers chase vehicle with ‘window tint violation’ through Decatur

FILE PHOTO USED FOR ILLUSTRATION PURPOSES: A Georgia State Patrol vehicle. Photo obtained via https://dps.georgia.gov

Georgia State Patrol has provided additional information about this incident. To see our most recent story, click here.

Here is our earlier story….

Decatur, GA — A “window tint violation” led to a high-speed police chase that went through Decatur on March 27.

Residents saw numerous police vehicles on East Lake Drive and Oakview Road. A helicopter was also used. Decatur Police and Atlanta Police were not involved, and a spokesperson for the Decatur Police Department said to contact the Georgia State Troopers.

The Troopers confirmed their involvement.

“On March 27, at approximately 6:47 p.m., a Georgia State Patrol Trooper attempted to stop a Dodge Challenger for a window tint violation,” a spokesperson for GSP said. “The vehicle immediately fled and initiated a pursuit. The vehicle turned down a small backstreet and briefly stopped while two males jumped from the vehicle.  The vehicle then began to flee again, back out onto Candler Road to Memorial Drive. GSP Aviation followed the vehicle as it took multiple surface streets before turning onto 3rd Avenue where a GSP Trooper performed a [precision immobilization technique] PIT maneuver that briefly disabled the vehicle. The driver attempted to flee again; however, another Trooper’s PIT maneuver ended the pursuit.  The driver and passenger were taken into custody.”

The incident reports were not complete as of March 28.

The PIT maneuver is controversial. In 2020, the Washington Post reported that the maneuver had led to 30 deaths since 2016.

“In a successful PIT, the pursuing officer uses the cruiser to push the fleeing vehicle’s rear end sideways, sending it into a spin and ending the pursuit,” the Washington Post reported. “But the tactic can have deadly consequences.”

In January, GSP’s use of a PIT maneuver led to a death in Catoosa County, News Channel 9 reported.

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