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Dear Decaturish – In support of Michelle Schreiner for House District 90

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Dear Decaturish – In support of Michelle Schreiner for House District 90

Michelle Schreiner. Photo provided by Kevin Lowery.

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Dear Decaturish,

While she may be new to the political arena as a candidate, Michelle Schreiner is not new to Georgia politics.  Michelle has been actively working on issues that matter to Georgia voters since 2016.  Whether it’s been educating on the importance of voting in local elections or spearheading campaigns at both local and state levels, she knows what is important to constituents in this community.

Michelle is a shining example of what it looks like to be mentored and supported by your community—she knows the positive impact that teachers, neighbors, and members of a congregation can have on a person.  Her success is a result of her hard work, dedication, and commitment.  But it’s also a testament to having your community believe in you and having access to important initiatives like the Hope Scholarship.  She will work to make sure those opportunities remain available for those who need them, and ideally, grow.

Like me, Michelle is also a wife and a working mom—those things are synonymous in some ways.  The future of Georgia lives in her household, and in her heart and mind.  I believe that she will be a champion to introduce and support policies and reforms that will improve the lives of my children, your children—of all children in Georgia.

Please join me in voting for Michelle Schreiner on May 24th!

– Constance Franklin, East Atlanta Resident


Dear Decaturish,

I’m excited to support Michelle Schreiner for House District 90. I am confident that Michelle has the passion and experience to make us proud, and fill the large shoes of her predecessors, soon-to-be Secretary of State Bee Nguyen and soon-to-be Governor Stacey Abrams.

I first met Michelle while volunteering for Bee Nguyen in 2017 when Michelle was helping Rep. Nguyen run an incredible and inspiring campaign. Through her work on that campaign, Michelle got to know our district well, knocking on thousands of doors throughout our district long before making the decision to run for this seat. Michelle’s hard work and dedication on that campaign impressed me, and she has continued to impress me ever since. Michelle’s desire to humbly support those around her quickly became evident to me, and it is that quality that will make her such an excellent representative and voice for our community. I am honored to call Michelle a friend and support her run to be our next representative.

Michelle is passionate about advocating for the issues that matter most to me and our community. First and foremost, Michelle understands the importance of voting rights and knows that voter suppression threatens our democracy and ability to achieve solutions to our most pressing problems. She will carry on the tradition of strong women representing this district and serving as leading voices on voting rights. Michelle also knows that access to quality education is fundamental to our community members thriving and to improving equity in our district. As a graduate of public schools in Georgia and a former professor, Michelle understands firsthand the importance of having access to quality education. She knows the difference that it can make in someone’s life, just as it made a difference in her own. Michelle is also passionate about improving equity through economic justice initiatives and increasing affordable housing. Michelle also shares my belief that affordable and quality healthcare, including mental health care, must be made available to all Georgia residents. As a psychologist, Michelle is especially passionate about mental health issues and will bring a much-needed perspective to the General Assembly.

In addition to her demonstrated passion for these important issues, Michelle has a wealth of experience in the public and private sectors that have made her ready to serve on day one. While working full-time and being a mom to three-year-old twins, Michelle has managed to find the time to advocate for issues at the Capitol and in her community that make a real difference in people’s lives. When Michelle saw that her neighborhood was going to rezone an area for a tower of luxury condos that would harm her community, she picked up her clipboard and her walking shoes to gather signatures and stop the development, which she successfully did, of course. That is who Michelle is. When she sees something wrong around her, she doesn’t just complain about it, she gets to work finding solutions. Michelle has done exactly that for years as a private citizen, simply because she cares and wants to use the skills she has to help those around her. Just imagine what she can do as our next representative.

Michelle knows our district inside and out from her years working behind the scenes on Rep. Nguyen’s campaigns and Stacey Abrams’ 2018 campaign. Through those experiences, she has come to know the issues that are most important to us while connecting with community members across the district. Whether you know it or not, Michelle is already your advocate. It’s time to make it official and send Michelle to the Capitol to represent our district. Thank you for reading my letter, and I want to encourage all of my District 90 neighbors to vote for Michelle Schreiner on May 24th.

– Courtney O’Donnell, Kirkwood Resident


Dear Decaturish,

I am excited to elect Dr. Michelle Schreiner to the Georgia House of Representatives and I would like to encourage all of my neighbors in House District 90 to vote for her as well.

I met Michelle recently when she was knocking doors here in Ellenwood and I was immediately impressed by her passion, her empathy, and her drive. We ended up having a long conversation in which it became abundantly clear to me how much Michelle really cares about the people in our district. It’s easy to see that she is in this race for all the right reasons!

It’s truly refreshing to see someone with such a genuine desire to give back to their community running for office. Michelle has plans to work with residents and leaders to deliver solutions that meet the specific needs of our district and I can’t wait to see her in action.

Michelle is a community leader, a psychologist, and a mother of twins, and I believe she will bring a unique perspective that would prove to be quite valuable to the Georgia legislature. In speaking with Michelle I learned a lot about her own story—she is a person who knows firsthand the struggles that many Georgians face and I think that her life experience has played a large part in shaping her into the caring and compassionate leader that she is.

I’m so glad I had the opportunity to get to know Michelle Schreiner and I look forward to casting my ballot for her in the primary on May 24th. I encourage you all to visit her website (www.michelle4georgia.com) and learn more about her before Election Day (if she doesn’t find you first!)  I think you’ll agree with me that she is the right person for the job.

Sandra Holmes,

Ellenwood Resident

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