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Tucker asks cyclists not to ride on Chamblee Tucker Road during construction


Tucker asks cyclists not to ride on Chamblee Tucker Road during construction

Construction has begun on the Chamblee Tucker Road diet which will the lanes and add pedestrian infrastructure.

Tucker, GA — The city of Tucker has asked cyclists to refrain from riding their bikes on Chamblee Tucker Road during construction.

“PSA: During the Chamblee Tucker Road construction, please do not use bicycles, as the street cannot accommodate them at this time. When the project is complete, it will have a four-foot shoulder that bikes can use,” the city posted on social media.

City Engineer Ken Hildebrandt previously said bike lanes will not be marked because there is no trail connectivity at either end of Chamblee Tucker Road.

The $2.2 million project was delayed due to road work at Chamblee Tucker and LaVista Road by the Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT). Construction began the first week of June, and is expected to be completed by September.  Plans can be found on the city’s website.

Chamblee Tucker will become a three-lane road with a middle turning lane and medians.

The Chamblee Tucker Road diet was approved by the former City Council in 2021. Residents have had a mixed reaction to the construction. Some residents who access their driveways on the busy road are pleased, while others who use it to commute are frustrated with slower traffic.

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