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Bridgerton immersive experience comes to Pullman Yards

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Bridgerton immersive experience comes to Pullman Yards

At "The Queen's Ball: A Bridgerton Experience" guests can bow and dance before the Queen. Photo by Frederico Imperiale.

Atlanta, GA — Walking in to Pullman Yards, guests clad in ball gowns, tiaras, suits and top hats are transported to Regency-era England and the world of “Bridgerton” where they can meet the Queen, dance the night away and possibly become the diamond of the season.

The immersive experience of “The Queen’s Ball: A Bridgerton Experience” features a live performance by a string quartet playing Bridgerton’s soundtrack, interactions with the characters, and an opportunity to bow before the Queen.

As attendees enter the space, there is a flower arch entryway leading to a Regency-era painting studio. Other areas of the experience include Madame Delacroix’s modiste, a red carpet leading to the Queen’s throne and a ballroom. Costumes from the show can be found at the modiste.

The experience begins with the Queen making her entrance and her way to her throne. Guests can line up to take turns bowing or curtsying before the Queen. After that, attendees pair up and line up on both sides of the red carpet to dance before the Queen. Once the dancing is finished, the Queen makes her way down the carpet toward the ballroom while keeping her eye out for the diamond of the season.

“At Shondaland we are breaking the boundaries of storytelling by providing our global audiences with curated experiences that go beyond the traditional avenues of content consumption,” said Sandie Bailey, Shondaland’s chief design and digital media officer, in a press release. “Partnering with Fever and Netflix allows us to bring to life Regency era England for fans across the globe in an immersive experience unlike any other. We are excited to continue entertaining and engaging with Bridgerton fans on and off the screen.”

Once in the ballroom, professional dancers and the string quartet entertain the audience and by the end of the night, the Queen will choose the diamond of the season, who will stand in the middle of the dance floor as glitter rains down on them.

At each performance of “The Queen’s Ball: A Bridgerton Experience” the Queen chooses a diamond of the season. Photo by Federico Imperiale.

“The Queen’s Ball” launched in Los Angeles in March, and Atlanta is the seventh city to host the experience. The 90-minute experience runs Wednesday through Sunday, with multiple performances on some days. The ball runs through Sept. 18 at Pullman Yards.

“It’s inspired by the Bridgerton series. Netflix, Shondaland and Fever worked really collaboratively to put together an experience that we felt would really help extend the fans’ experience with the [series],” said Isis Arias with live experiences at Netflix. “As fans of the show, we wanted to allow them to really immerse themselves in the world of Bridgerton and Regency, we found that the best way to do that was with a ball that was hosted by the queen herself.”

Atlanta is the first southern city to host the experience. Arias told Decaturish that Pullman Yards provided enough space for the ballroom and each area, and allowed for the rigging needed to put on the performance.

“This is our first city in the southern region, so we felt it was really important to start here in Atlanta,” she said. “There’s such a rich culture here, and we thought that it would be so much fun to do our first ball here in the city.”

In each city, the organizers do local casting for the performers, the musicians as well as the crew who works behind the scenes.

“Especially when we’re in regional markets, it really is special to utilize cast and crew that are from the area,” Arias said. “We really want to support the local communities that we’re in, so it’s important for us to utilize the regional resources as much as possible.”

She added the experience is something fun for everyone, whether they are a fan of the show or are not as familiar with “Bridgerton.”

“We really want to allow people to feel like they’re able to witness a beautiful moment and have a great time with their friends or family if they want to come with groups of people. It’s a really beautiful experience to witness and take part of, and it’s a fun party,” Arias said. “You don’t have to be a superfan that has watched every episode to participate.”

During “The Queen’s Ball: A Bridgerton Experience” dancers perform in front of the Queen and those attending the ball. Photo by Federico Imperiale.

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