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Decatur hosting clean-up days beginning in September

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Decatur hosting clean-up days beginning in September

The boundaries of the city of Decatur. Source: Google Maps

This story has been updated. 

Decatur, GA — The city of Decatur will host clean-up days every Saturday from September to December to allow residents to dispose of bulky materials.

All bulk items must be put on the curb no later than 7:30 a.m. on the scheduled clean-up day. Items set out later risk not being collected.

Here is a list of acceptable items:

– Yard trimmings and building materials not from the work of private contractors

– Tires

– Furniture

– Appliances not containing Freon

– Trash not normally placed in pay-as-you-throw bags

Items that cannot be collected are liquids, dirt, bricks and blocks, stone, rocks, concrete, and motor vehicle batteries or parts.

The clean-up days are broken down by neighborhoods each month. The first clean-up day will be Sept. 10.

Each street in the city is assigned to one Saturday during the neighborhood clean-up event, in which residents can place their bulk items on the curb. Here is the schedule for September:

Oakhurst Neighborhood #1 – September 10, 2022
First Avenue
Second Avenue (100 to 600 Block)
Third Avenue (400 to 900 Block)
Fourth Avenue
North Fourth Avenue.
Fifth Avenue
Gordon Street
Northern Avenue (north side only)
Oakview Road (1000 to 1700 Block)
Maxwell Street
East Lake Drive (400 to 600 Block)

Oakhurst Neighborhood #2 – September 17, 2022
East Lake Drive (100 to 300 Block)
Winter Ave (east side only)
Johnston Place
Bryan Place
Beatty Place
Madison Avenue
Third Ave. (100 to 300 block)
Feld Avenue
Leyden Street
Cambridge Avenue
Hood Circle
W. College (Mead to Cambridge)
Park Place
Fair Park Lane

Oakhurst Neighborhood #3 – September 24, 2022
Spring Street
Fayetteville Road
Underwood Street
W. Pharr (100 to 500 block)
Russell Street
East Lake Drive (700 to 1000 block)
McKoy Street (500 to 700 block)
Adams Street (1000 to 1100 block)
Lenore Street
Sterling Street
South McDonough Street (800 to 1000 block)
Lenore Place
Oakhurst Common Drive

To view the full schedule of the clean-up days, click here.

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