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Illustrated map of Tucker is the talk of the town

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Illustrated map of Tucker is the talk of the town

Dustin Timbrook, 38, produces illustrated maps of Tucker that are proving to be very popular among residents. Photo provided to Tucker Observer

Tucker, GA — Dustin Timbrook, 38, is new to Tucker, but he is making something that everyone in town wants. From old timers to newbies, residents are going wild for Timbrook’s latest creation: a map of Tucker. 

The cartoon-style map is a bird’s-eye view of the city, showing all the places that Timbook loves to visit. Its lush greenery reflects Tucker’s parks, trails and landmarks with Main Street at the center.

Timbrook drew the map by pencil, scanned it into an illustration program and began coloring it in. He thought it would only take a week, but the map quickly turned into a bigger project. It became like “Where’s Waldo” – and that’s what people like about it, Timbrook said. 

Photo provided to Tucker Observer.

The maps are for sale at Corner Cup and High Card Brewing for sale for $25. They can be purchased online at www.tuckermap.com, and Timbrook will deliver the map for free within 4 miles of his home. 

So far, he has sold about 100 maps. 

A few longtime residents commented on social media that they had the map 30 years ago, which made Timbrook laugh because he drew the map in 2022. He later realized there was a mass marketed map in the 1980s or 1990s featuring businesses who paid to be included.  

This Tucker map is nothing like that. 

“This is for a mass audience, but it’s coming from my heart. It’s a piece of art showing what’s important to me,” said Timbrook.  

Timbook describes himself as a Renaissance Man, a creative jack of all trades. Before moving to Tucker with his wife, Molly, in 2021, the pair ran a small toy company in Huntsville, Ala. Timbrook handmade a game called Hedge Lord, which blew up in the maker space and game-con world. 

The toy shop was very hands-on and there was confusion about how COVID was transmitted in the beginning, said Timbrook, so he and Molly shifted gears. They moved to Atlanta, and he pursued his desire to work on film and TV sets. 

As a freelance artist, Timbrook creates handmade, specialty props for film sets. For “Just Beyond,” a comedy-horror show filmed in Tucker, he recently made a decrepit-looking conspiracy board, and for an upcoming Netflix series called “Florida Man” he created a mural and large sculptures.  

Photo provided to Tucker Observer.

He grew up in Montgomery, Ala., and attended the University of Montevallo, a small liberal arts college near Birmingham. He worked in Huntsville for a decade, working for Lowe Mill ARTS & Entertainment.  

Starting Sept. 19, he’s teaching two painting and drawing classes at Tucker Rec Center. For more information about his class, email [email protected].  

“I believe that drawing and painting, or just making art, are skills that can be learned. They’re not magic powers. Because that’s the way art is framed sometimes, like it’s a gift from the gods implanted in people,” said Timbrook. “I don’t think that. I think art is a skill people can learn. If you take this class, I will teach you how to draw and how to paint.”

He has no plans to create a map of Stone Mountain or surrounding cities. He’s open to commissions, but the Tucker map was about the city he loves. 

Timbrook says his freelance lifestyle will afford him the time and flexibility to be a stay at home dad in the future. Right now, it’s Molly and Dustin, and their pups Ernest and Grover, exploring Tucker one park at a time. 

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