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Help Decaturish tell the untold stories of your community

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Help Decaturish tell the untold stories of your community

(l-r) Katie Gleber, Manuel Vazquez and Ruby Glebber, all from Atlanta, contribute to the collaborative mural in the community area during the Downtown Decatur Chalk Walk on Sunday, May 16, 2021. Photo by Dean Hesse.

Every day, an email lands in my inbox.

“Have you heard about …”

“Did you ever look into …”

“Would you be interested in covering …”

There are so many interesting and untold stories of our community. And we’d love to tell them all. But our team is small and scrappy. We punch above our weight, but we can’t be everywhere and cover everything.

To be fair, no news organization can. But Decaturish is uniquely positioned to do more. We have a team of writers who are passionate about uncovering the things powerful people would prefer hidden.

How can you help us tell more of the stories you care about?

By pledging to financially support Decaturish. Your help closing out the end of the year will allow us to cover local elections while ensuring we get to the usual meeting you’re used to seeing us cover. It will also give us some wiggle room to get to some stories that we struggle to cover now, and allow us to pay for the operating expenses that keep Decaturish running.

This work – the constant chronicling of this community we call home – is what gets us out of bed every day. It’s what gets our hearts pumping and makes us look forward to another week doing the job we love. But our team’s dedication can’t overcome the obvious: there isn’t enough of us to go around.

For Decaturish to realize its full potential and become a publication serving more of DeKalb County, we need you.

If you’re already a subscriber, thank you! There are nearly 2,000 of you now.

This fall, we’re asking for you to help us close out 2022 by contributing to our goal of raising $20,000 to cover year-end expenses. It will ensure our local elections are covered while maintaining our focus on the other important stories of our community. And if you aren’t currently a subscriber but want to sign up to receive subscriber benefits, this is a good time to do that.

Making a contribution to Decaturish is an investment in the civic health of your community. With your support, we can do more of this important work.

Please help us reach our goal. To make a one-time contribution towards our Fall fundraising goal, click here. And if you’re interested in becoming a monthly subscriber, click here.

Your support keeps Decaturish running and makes us a better publication for all our readers. We couldn’t do it without you.

– Dan Whisenhunt, Editor and Publisher

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