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Columbia Residential launches annual Adopt A Family campaign

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Columbia Residential launches annual Adopt A Family campaign

Columbia Residential has launched its annual Deck the Halls: Adopt A Family campaign to provide gifts to residents. Photo courtesy of Columbia Residential.

Atlanta, GA — Columbia Residential has launched its statewide Deck the Halls: Adopt A Family holiday campaign to support the organization’s residents. Columbia Residential will again present this time-honored holiday tradition with online wishlists for 100 Georgia families.

Jimia Head, regional resident services manager for Columbia Residential, said the campaign is a great way for individuals or businesses to get involved and help local families. The campaign is virtual this year.

“I think one of the cool things about our program is it’s a one-stop shop from your house,” Head said. “It’s a campaign that we’re doing to help bridge the gap for our families with lower financial means, but we still want them to enjoy a holiday like everyone else.”

Anyone interested in being part of the campaign can view the family profiles on Columbia Residential’s website and choose who they would like to connect with. The families get to choose what to put on their Amazon wish list, and donors are encouraged to select the family that speaks to them.

“From there, the support is just you’re going to click on their wishlist. You’re going to see it load on Amazon and you can buy, and the things are shipped directly to their house,” Head said. “What I like about the program is I feel like it’s unique in that it’s virtual, but you still do get that warm, fuzzy feeling of, ‘oh my gosh, I read all these stories. This is the one I connected with. I’m making a direct impact on the family of my choice.'”

The campaign launched Oct. 1 and donations should be made or gifts should be purchased by Dec. 19.

Since the program began in 2016, the initiative has served over 2,800 children by providing more than 7,000 brand-new toys, coats and winter accessories. From 2016 to 2019, this was an in-person event with toys, crafting stations, games and food, Head said.

“It was like Christmas exploded into a gymnasium, but of course [with] the pandemic, we couldn’t do that in 2020. I had to try to figure out how can I not lose this tradition that we’ve built and pivot it in a way that the families can receive what they’ve grown accustomed to…,” Head said.

She added that donors also asked if Columbia Residential was still doing the event in 2020 and how they could give.

In 2020, the program went virtual with online wish lists and 100 families were sponsored by individuals, foundations and corporate donors from across the country, bringing the Christmas spirit to 250 children by fulfilling over $15,000 worth of wish lists.

“I grew up in my household more so doing things, so my memories of Christmas aren’t really attached to gifts, but they’re attached to riding around and watching the Christmas lights go up in Atlanta or stringing popcorn. We made garlands, and so I wanted to give that to our residents,” Head said.

During the in-person events, residents would do crafts and had to complete a few stations before they could get a toy.

“I really wanted to focus on the tradition building and memory making, which is what I love about the holidays,” Head said. “I didn’t want to lose that throughout the pandemic, so this seemed like a good pivot for us to take it from in-person in 2016 to then virtual in 2020.”

“It’s my favorite time of the year. I was like if I can make them feel an inch of what I felt when I was growing up, then I’ll feel accomplished,” Head added.

She wants people to know that by getting involved in the campaign, they will make a direct impact on a family.

“I want people to know that every dollar that they give us is going to a family,” Head said. “When you go, and you select their wishlist, and you go to checkout, that family’s address is going to pop up in your address book. Unless you decide that you want to give your donation to Columbia and let us allocate it to a family, 100% of your donation is going toward the family that you select.”

Columbia Residential is an affordable housing developer and property management company. Head’s department of resident services focuses on making sure residents remain stable in their housing and their needs are met. Columbia Residential serves low- to moderate-income families.

In September, the organization launches an application for families to apply to be part of the Adopt A Family campaign, and 100 families are chosen.

“Columbia Residential’s Deck the Halls: Adopt a Family program represents an exclusive opportunity to support children in need through the timeless tradition of giving back,” Head said in a press release. “Our mission is simple: we connect families in need to compassionate companies and individuals whose generosity will deliver hope and joy to hundreds of youth across Georgia. Every dollar of every donation will go directly to those families.”

Individuals and corporations can adopt a family or make a donation to Columbia Residential that would go toward a family. Multiple family sponsorships are also allowed.

To learn more about how you can participate as an Adopt A Family sponsor and make holiday dreams come true for deserving families, visit https://columbiadeckthehallsevent.com/

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