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Please take the Decaturish.com reader survey


Decatur, GA — Decaturish.com is collecting demographic data about its readership.

Respondents are asked to provide information about their race, age, and gender. Please fill out the survey by clicking here

More information about Decaturish

Decaturish started in 2013 as the personal blog of editor and publisher Dan Whisenhunt. In the decade since it started, Decaturish has grown to serve thousands of readers. We routinely exceed 200,000 page views monthly and have nearly 2,000 paying subscribers.

This company was started with some basic ideas in mind:

— Promoting responsible content creation, meaning that we will never ask our contributors to produce content for free.

— Creating an environment where our contributors will rarely hear the word “no” when they want to try something new. News should be interesting and innovative.

— Providing the same transparency about our website that we expect of our government.

— Always being accountable to our readers. Without you, we wouldn’t exist.

In our recent fall fundraising drive, we have raised $11,500, 57% of our goal. We hope to raise $20,000 by Dec. 20. To contribute to the fall fundraiser, click here.

We’ve won numerous awards, including Creative Loafing readers’ choice awards. We took home “Best Blog” four years in a row and “Best Journalist” three years in a row. In 2022, our team brought home an Award of Excellence from the Atlanta Press Club.

In 2021, Decaturish hired its first full-time reporter, Zoe Seiler. We have a diverse team of contributors who help us provide timely and comprehensive local coverage to our readers.

At Decaturish it is important that coverage recognizes and represents our diverse community. We will do our best to present factual information that represents multiple points of view.

Decaturish follows the Code of Ethics set forth by the Society of Professional Journalists.

Additionally, we hold that:

— Crime coverage should be centered in a place of neutrality. Race should only be used when relevant and coverage should prioritize threats to the community and should avoid reinforcing stereotypes.

— We recognize that content on the internet is always accessible. As such, crime stories should be followed through the court system until there is a resolution. Because of this policy, we do not name crime suspects unless we intend to follow their cases through the court system until there is a resolution.

— Clear conflicts of interest, situations involving the publisher’s financial interests or personal relationships will be acknowledged, and another reporter will be assigned whenever possible.

Decaturish has its business license in Decatur, GA, 30030. Questions about news and editorial coverage can be sent to [email protected]. Questions about advertising can be sent to [email protected]

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