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Decaturish fall fundraiser ends Dec. 20, exceeds goal by nearly $2k

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Decaturish fall fundraiser ends Dec. 20, exceeds goal by nearly $2k

(l-r) Katie Gleber, Manuel Vazquez and Ruby Glebber, all from Atlanta, contribute to the collaborative mural in the community area during the Downtown Decatur Chalk Walk on Sunday, May 16, 2021. Photo by Dean Hesse.

Decatur, GA — The Decaturish.com fall fundraiser officially ends on Dec. 20, and the fundraiser exceeded its $20,000 goal this year.

If you’d still like to make a contribution, you may do so by clicking here.

Decaturish has raised $21,809.14 as of Dec. 19. This year’s fundraiser has been essential to keeping this community news website going as we go through a company-wide transition. It also puts us in a good position as we head into 2023, our 10th year of doing business.

Here’s what some of the people who have contributed to our fall fundraiser have to say about our work:

“-ish here, representin’. ALL of you are important and valued by your neighbors and readers.” — Baron

“Thanks for the great work throughout the year. Support local journalism!” — Benjamin

“I’m not a reader but was directed to your site by a comment in the Washington Post on the story about Casper the hero herding dog. The comment wanted WP to attribute the story to your paper as the original source. I make it a point to support good local journalism wherever I find it, and am happy to donate to your fund drive. Wish it could be more.Nobody understands a community like the journalists who live in it, and the demise of community news sources in the U.S. is a tragedy that affects the entire population negatively. Best of luck on your fund drive; hope it surpasses your expectations. Amy F. Phoenix AZ.” — Ashley

“Decaturish is a great source of timely news and information in our city. Thanks for doing what you do.” — Sean

“Proud to be a longtime regular contributor supporting Decaturish’s stellar local reporting! You all provide an invaluable service to our community.” — Jennifer

For the next two weeks, things will be slower than usual around here as our team takes some well-deserved time off. But we’ll still be paying attention to what’s happening, and we will cover any breaking news that happens. Thanks to your support, we’ll ensure that any meetings that need covering over the next two weeks will be covered, and those stories will be published on Decaturish.com.

In 2023, we will focus on another ambitious goal: getting 10,000 subscribers. If we can get there, it means we’ll be making about $60,000 a month, minimum. With that kind of money coming in every month, some previously unattainable goals will be within reach. We can hire more reporters to tell even more of the untold stories of our community. We can also invest in critical website upgrades that are long overdue. There are 750,000 people in DeKalb County, and we get about 60,000 unique page views a month. We think 10,000 subscribers is a reasonable goal and the closer we get to it, the better off Decaturish will be. To become a paying subscriber, visit supportyourlocalnews.com

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