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Hugh Saxon leaving deputy city manager’s role for new job within Decatur city government

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Hugh Saxon leaving deputy city manager’s role for new job within Decatur city government

City of Decatur Deputy City Manager Hugh Saxon talks with Georgia State Senator Elena Parent during a site visit by Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) to review vehicle crashes and existing conditions on W. Ponce de Leon Avenue and Scott Boulevard in Decatur on Friday, Sept. 9, 2022. Photo by Dean Hesse.

This story has been updated.

Decatur, GA — At the Decatur City Commission’s Dec. 19 meeting, commissioners agreed to give Deputy City Manager Hugh Saxon a new job with fewer hours and narrower scope.

Saxon, who has served as deputy city manager since 2004, will now be the city’s capital projects manager. Saxon has worked with the city in some capacity since the 1970s, City Manager Andrea Arnold said.

“I think there are a lot of benefits to retaining Mr. Saxon in this role. We continue to learn from his experience since he has been with the city since 1977,” Arnold said.

In his new role, he’ll be working closer to 30 hours a week than the 40 hours a week he currently works, Arnold said. His salary will be $128,655 in his new role. Saxon’s current salary is $171,537.60.

“This agreement will provide for a smooth transition for staff and the community as Mr. Saxon moves to a new role with the city,” a memo attached to the Decatur City Commission meeting agenda says.

The city also amended its pay and classification plan to create the position of deputy city manager because those duties have historically been performed via an employment agreement.

In other business at the city commission’s Dec. 19 meeting:

— The city commission unanimously approved an application for special exceptions filed by the developers of the Oakview Grocery building.

The building, which was also once called the Art Lab, was located at 1529 Oakview Road. It has since been torn down, and construction on a small mixed-use development there is almost complete.

Mission Builders applied for rezoning in June 2017, and the plans for the project were made part of the conditional approval for the rezoning, Decatur Planning and Economic Development Director Angela Threadgill previously said.

The building will have one residential unit and one commercial unit.

Kashka Scott, a general contractor with Mission Builders, said the company expects to finish the work on the site by the end of this year, or in the first quarter of next year. Scott said the company hasn’t identified who the commercial tenant will be, but he said there’s interest in turning it into a coworking space.

Mission requested a special exception to reduce the required streetscape standards for landscape zone and sidewalk width and a special exception to increase the maximum first-floor height allowed above grade level. City staff recommended approval of the special exceptions.

— The city commission unanimously approved an alcoholic beverage license for The Corner Pub due to a change of ownership.

“Mr. [David] Bozeman has assumed ownership of The Corner Pub. The new ownership has assumed all business operations, including the menu items and outdoor seating that the community has come to enjoy for well over a decade,” Planning and Economic Development Director Angela Threadgill wrote in a memo. “The change in ownership application has been reviewed and approved by the Decatur Police Department. All required fees have been paid.”

— The city commission approved a list of streets to be submitted for consideration for state local maintenance and improvement grant funding. The money would go toward resurfacing the list of streets approved by the city commission.

“GDOT has notified the city that it is accepting requests for funding 2023 projects,” a memo from Assistant City Manager David Junger says. “Following LMIG procedure, the city recommends streets to be resurfaced based on the LMIG grant funds established by GDOT along with matching funds from the City. The city’s prioritization of streets is based on the city-wide pavement assessment and GDOT’s Road Surface Management Pavement Condition Evaluations System (PACES), we recommend the following streets for approval in the 2023 LMIG program.”

Here are the streets the city commission submitted for funding consideration:

“Based on the LMIG grant formula used by GDOT, the city will receive $215,267.78 in 2023,” the memo from Junger says. “Considering current conditions, the cost estimate for milling, patching, repairing and resurfacing the proposed streets, as well as sidewalk repairs, is $3,081,200. The city’s share is expected to be approximately $2,865,933 which exceeds the required local match of 30%. If approved, the city’s portion will be requested in the FY 2023-24 City budget. GDOT requires the LMIG application be submitted for review no later than February 01, 2023.”

During the meeting, Junger said depending on the circumstances, a repaved street could be in good shape for years before the city has to do another resurfacing.

“It really depends on some other factors involved, but if all the utilities are in good shape it’s 15 to 20 years before we go back to some streets,” Junger said.

— The city commission approved a $34,520 agreement with Arborguard Tree Specialists for maintenance of street trees in downtown Decatur.

— The city commission approved a resolution supporting City Schools of Decatur’s senior homestead tax exemption. The City Schools of Decatur School Board, at its Dec. 13 meeting, approved extending the senior homestead tax exemption. The current exemption expires in December 2023. The exemption for CSD will have to be approved by the Georgia General Assembly next year, and it will be on the ballot in November 2023 as a referendum. For more information about this topic, click here.

— The city commission made numerous appointments to local boards and commissions.

Zoning Board of Appeals

Joanna Quillen Appoint through 12/31/2025

Kristin Miller Re-appoint through 12/31/2025

Better Together Advisory Board

Claire Anderson Appoint to unexpired term through 12/31/2024

Kathryn Beane Appoint through 12/31/2025

Paula Collins Re-appoint through 12/31/2023

Jeremy Cole Re-appoint through 12/31/2025

Planning Commission

Jason Friedlander Appoint through 12/31/2025

John McFarland Appoint through 12/31/2025

Harold Buckley Jr. Re-appoint through 12/31/2023

Joseph Greco Re-appoint through 12/31/2025

Active Living Board

Terria Cummings Appoint to unexpired term through 12/31/2024

Joel V. Furfari Appoint through 12/31/2025

Deanna Jue Appoint through 12/31/2025

Jack Kittle Re-appoint through 12/31/2025

Shelly Head Re-appoint through 12/31/2025

Public Facilities Authority

Cinque Axam Re-appoint through 12/31/2025

Robert Kennedy Re-appoint through 12/31/2025

Lifelong Community Advisory Board

Rev. Marti Keller Appoint to unexpired term through 12/31/2023

Tim Hatton Appoint to unexpired term through 12/31/2023

GG Howard Re-appoint through 12/31/2025

Susan Messing Re-appoint through 12/31/2025

Environmental Sustainability Board

Keri Powell Appoint through 12/31/2025

Andrew Hardin Appoint through 12/31/2025

Alex Stewart Appoint through 12/31/2025

Michael Black Re-appoint through 12/31/2023

David Malkin Re-appoint through 12/31/2025

Historic Preservation Commission

Gabrielle Dean Appoint to unexpired term through 12/31/2023

Kate Breslin Appoint through 12/31/2025

Maya Hahn Appoint through 12/31/2025

Andrew Navratil Re-appoint through 12/31/2025

Ethics Committee

Charlie Bailey Re-appoint through 12/31/2025

Reporter Zoe Seiler contributed to this story.

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