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Editor’s note: The Tucker Observer is now part of Decaturish

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Editor’s note: The Tucker Observer is now part of Decaturish


Dear loyal Tucker Observer readers,

As some of you have noticed, Tucker Observer and its articles have been folded into Decaturish.com. I’ve received some questions about this and wanted to address them directly with our core readership. Most of you want to know why we are doing this and whether we will continue to cover your community.

The “why” of it is pretty straightforward. In short, this is a business decision.

And, yes, we will continue to cover Tucker, Clarkston, and Stone Mountain. That coverage will now be part of Decaturish. We are proud to serve these communities and think they are critical to expanding the mission and reach of Decaturish. My goal for Decaturish is to make it the daily news website for DeKalb County, serving all 757,000 of our residents. This move puts us closer to that goal.

Also, all our Tucker Observer stories have been uploaded to Decaturish and the old URLs now redirect to the Decaturish site.

Some readers may know that we originated coverage of Tucker, Stone Mountain, and Clarkston on Decaturish before creating Tucker Observer two years ago. In a sense, Decaturish has just reabsorbed that coverage into the main site.

So, why is this the right business move for Decaturish?

When we started Tucker Observer, we aimed to create additional advertising space because we had maxed out our available spaces on Decaturish. But unfortunately, the site wasn’t as profitable as we’d hoped and as a result, I could not staff Tucker Observer in a way that would help it match the reach of Decaturish. It also took page views away from Decaturish and split my attention between both sites, which hurt both publications.

By folding Tucker Observer back into Decaturish, we will increase our page views on Decaturish while allowing us to continue serving our readers in the Tucker Observer communities. That will create a more profitable website that will, in turn, improve our coverage and allow us to expand coverage to other communities in the coming years.

This is part of an overall shift in our business strategy. Instead of creating more advertising space to increase revenue, we’ll do a better job of selling the ad spaces we have at rates that will help us grow the company. That will ultimately mean fewer ads on Decaturish as we incentivize clients to share available spaces. That will be a better experience for our readers. It will also allow us to explore new products for our advertising clients, like expanded e-edition offerings and curated newsletters.

This is not an easy decision, and we know some of you will be disappointed. But my priority is keeping the coverage we have and expanding it. Consolidating these two sites will allow us to do that.

To those who currently receive the regular Tucker Observer email, you will need to sign up for the Decaturish email list. To sign up, click here.

If you have any questions, please reach out to me at [email protected]. I look forward to continuing to serve your communities through Decaturish.

– Dano

Dan Whisenhunt, Editor and Publisher of Decaturish and Tucker Observer

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