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Dear Decaturish – Feb. 28 incident didn’t involve Decatur Housing Authority residents

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Dear Decaturish – Feb. 28 incident didn’t involve Decatur Housing Authority residents

Douglas Faust, CEO/Executive Director of Decatur Housing Authority (at the podium). Behind him (L-R): Fred Boykin, Decatur City Commissioner, Dakar Gibbs, Senior Vice President, Bank of America and a representative from Southface. Photo by Judith Vanderver.

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Dear Decaturish and residents of Decatur,

As the CEO/Executive Director of the Decatur Housing Authority (DHA), I wanted to share some information with the Decatur community about the shooting that occurred on Feb. 28, 2023, around 5:30 p.m.

It was reported that several individuals entered a DHA property located near 1480 Commerce Drive. They interacted in an aggressive manner with another single individual who was present onsite to visit a family member. Hostilities erupted and shots were fired, with one or more hitting the single individual.  The single individual with injuries ran away, and the others fled the site. He collapsed and the Decatur Police responded. He was transported to a hospital and treated.  CSD did a lockdown on the high school and its activities.  Police are investigating and have made progress in identifying shooters.  

There are several important factors that you should know:

None of these individuals, neither the perpetrator nor the victim, are DHA residents who live in our housing. These persons came to the site and brought violence here. This crime was committed at the DHA site by outsiders.    

1. Please know that under Georgia Statute § 8-3-202, public housing agencies are not allowed to outlaw firearms on their properties. 

2. DHA has invested heavily in security cameras on its properties, and the Decatur Police had immediate access to this information on the situation that occurred. 

Families in DHA’s housing add value and diversity to our community in Decatur. They want their children to be safe, they want a safe neighborhood, and they seek opportunities to thrive in our great city; just like all of Decatur’s residents.  

DHA supports its residents with five full time and one part-time Resident Services staff. DHA operates the STARs Afterschool Program during the entire school year for K-5 students. The DHA high school seniors have had a 100% graduation rate over the past three years.  DHA provides college scholarships to all high school seniors who are going to college. DHA operates over 100 resident service programs each year. DHA engages and supports its residents.

In closure, I ask that our community to keep an open mind about what has occurred and consider supporting DHA’s residents who are valued citizens with the same rights, hopes, and dreams as every other family in Decatur. They need you, and you need them to be a whole city.  

— Doug Faust, CEO/Executive Director DHA

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