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Decatur releases photo of GoDecatur shuttle and route map

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Decatur releases photo of GoDecatur shuttle and route map

The GoDecatur shuttle. Photo provided to Decaturish.

This story has been updated.

Decatur, GA — The city of Decatur and the Decatur Downtown Development Authority launched a new shuttle service on Wednesday, April 19, to provide residents with transportation to various locations like Publix, CVS, the YMCA, Legacy Park, and others.

And readers had questions.

One of the big questions was, is there a route map? Yes, and here it is:

The shuttle follows the stops on this graphic in alphabetical order.

“One bus takes the route in one direction from the top to the bottom, and the other from the bottom to the top,” spokesperson Adam Schick.

A resident asked a question about why the shuttle doesn’t travel to a different grocery store in the area, like Kroger. There currently isn’t a Kroger within the city limits due to the recent closure of the Baby Kroger in downtown Decatur, but others are nearby.

The shuttle only serves locations within Decatur city limits, Schick said.

“The closest Kroger location is outside the city limits, and the city of Decatur’s GoDecatur Circulator travels only within the city limits,” Schick said.

A reader also noted the YMCA location on the map appears to be wrong, and Schick said the map is being updated. “The graphic does not include every street, but we are working on an updated map to include Scott Blvd, which should clear up any confusion about where the YMCA is located.”

The Decatur Downtown Development Authority approved a resolution in support of the GoDecatur Circulator shuttle pilot program during its April 14 meeting. The DDA will fund the cost of the drivers for the length of the pilot program, which is about $10,000.

There will be two 12-passenger buses that run continuously from 9:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Monday and Wednesday. There are no other activities planned during those times except for the circulator shuttle. Those days saw the highest ridership throughout the pilot program with Let’s Ride Atlanta, Planning and Economic Development Director Angela Threadgill said.

The GoDecatur shuttle will be a pilot program to provide transportation between city residential neighborhoods and the city’s five commercial districts. The shuttle service is free and will run through November.

“This is a way to pick up the service but expand the service,” Threadgill said. “The other part of the equation is that prior to the pandemic, the DDA also contributed to what was called the Go60+ shuttle. That was a service for our local seniors to access services in our downtown, in our other commercial districts. This is a marriage between the service of Let’s Ride Atlanta and the Go60+ shuttle that was in existence prior to the pandemic.”

Threadgill added that the city is working on a permanent shuttle service. She anticipates a proposal for a permanent shuttle to come before the DDA toward the end of the year. The community has been asking for a shuttle service for quite some time, going back to the 2010 strategic plan and the city’s transportation plan, Threadgill said.

The GoDecatur shuttle will not be age-restricted, but preference will be given to seniors. Some of the pickup points are primarily around senior residential areas.

The buses operating the circulator are existing vehicles owned by the parks and recreation department, according to a press release. When not in use for other activities, they are slated to serve the GoDecatur Circulator, which will run in a continuous loop and include the following 15 stops:

– Decatur Recreation Center – 231 Sycamore Street

– Philips Tower – 218 E. Trinity Place

– Harmony Park – 630 East Lake Drive

– Oakview Walk – 1111 Oakview Road

– Oakhurst Recreation Center – 450 East Lake Drive

– Oliver House – 1450 Commerce Drive

– Park Trace Apartments – 700 Atlanta Avenue

– US Post Office – 520 W. Ponce de Leon Avenue

– Commerce Square/CVS Shopping Center – 225 W. Ponce de Leon Ave

– Clairemont Oaks – 441 Clairemont Road

– YMCA – 1110 Clairemont Road

– Town Square Condos/Pure Service Station – 249 E. Ponce de Leon Ave

– Publix/Sam’s Crossing – 2720 E. Ponce de Leon Ave

– Columbia Residences – 590 E. Freeman Street

– Legacy Park – 500 S. Columbia Drive

The timing of the full loop is about 45 minutes, but riders may wait up to 20 minutes before the next shuttle arrives, Threadgill said.

“Pick-up points at the senior residential communities and most destination points have lobby seating or outdoor benches for ridership, but not all,” Threadgill said. “For instance, CVS shopping center and the post office do not have benches. Riders will be provided with a phone number to call about service.”

For more information on the route and schedule, please the city’s website or contact Baylis at [email protected].

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Reporter Zoe Seiler contributed to this story.