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Freely Be Yourself and Feel Supported at Decatur’s Top Private High School

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Freely Be Yourself and Feel Supported at Decatur’s Top Private High School


Special promotional content provided by Academe of the Oaks. 

Teens face unique challenges and stressors in today’s world that can impact their overall well-being and academic performance. Located in the heart of Decatur,  Academe of the Oaks, prioritizes belonging, community, and all areas of child development, from education to social and emotional needs.  

Education is more than academic achievement, and Academe strives to create a safe and welcoming campus where students can freely be themselves. Students have strong support systems, including a school counselor, school advisor, peer mentoring, and student-led clubs. 

Academe offers a forward-thinking learning environment for students to explore their interests and passions.  The academic demands of high school can be challenging for students. Teachers at Academe can support these students through personalized learning experiences, taking into account their strengths and learning styles.

The innovative curriculum creates a path to experiential learning unlike any other. Students experience life outside the classroom via internships, international study abroad, and community service to foster collaboration, inquiry, and resourcefulness. 

School Director, Eva Handschin shared, Creating opportunities for students to go into the community during the 10th-grade practicum and 12th-grade internship explores learning beyond the campus, cultivates empathy, and a global perspective. They get practical experience in real-life workplaces from medical care, nursing homes, nonprofits, tech companies, and the arts. These experiences are some of most rewarding and memorable they have.” 

“My internship experience was one of the best things that have happened in my Academe experience,” Academe Senior Naomi said. “It was my first job experience as an intern at a rheumatology practice. I spent two weeks taking over 80 patients’ vitals and facilitating the check-in process. I chose this internship because I want to be in the medical field, and this opportunity to work in a medical office helped me understand different responsibilities that I may be doing as a medical professional.”


Boasting a wide range of programs and activities beyond academics, including arts, music, athletics, and clubs, help students develop into well-rounded individuals equipped to succeed in all aspects of life. Learn more about Academe’s dynamic learning approach and schedule a tour here: www.academeatlanta.org.